All over the world, as companies continue to look for ways to reduce their carbon footprint, eliminate waste, use sustainable resources and exploit new technologies, Nualight continues to break new ground and lead in developing high quality, performance and sustainable LED lighting solutions.
Founded in 2005 in Cork, Ireland, Nualight is a specialist European LED lighting company selling predominately refrigeration lighting into the world’s leading grocery retailers, refrigeration display case manufacturers, specialist refrigeration wholesalers and distributors. 
With a heritage in award winning, market leading solutions and due to its progressive and nimble approach, Nualight is also privileged to serve select key accounts within industrial and infrastructure applications.
All Nualight solutions are engineered with a focus on high quality and performance. The comprehensive and versatile product portfolio promises to deliver real ROI, higher sales, lower energy bills and solutions that consistently go on creating unrivalled impactful and inspiring spaces that withstand the test of time.
More than a decade on, the entrepreneurial and collaborative culture that thrust the company to the forefront of the grocery retail category is still strong as is proven both by the successful long term partnerships with customers and with Nualight’s ability to attract some of the brightest, most dynamic individuals in the industry.
Nualight is funded by major resource efficiency and renewable energy investors: Adaxia Capital Partners and ESB Novusmodus managed by Greencoat Capital. The company has a sales presence throughout Europe and Australia.