EHI Energy Congress, Bonn, Nov 11 and 12

September 28, 2014

Nualight has brought enhanced merchandising impact through LED lighting to German food retailers since 2011. In 2014, Nualight unveiled it's new Titan solution for internal parking, coldrooms and low bay warehousing. With DALI as standard, Titan enables German retailers to maximise their energy savings with smart control. 

In 2014, Nualight is bringing two new key LED innovations to Germany retailers.

The first is in Nualight's refrigerated lighting portfolio with a long-awaited expansion of it's Perfino canopy lighting into other applications. With Perfino technology, Nualight has already eliminated visible LED dots from multideck displays, and will now be doing the same with other display applications. Nualight will showcase a small demonstration of the new Perfino applications at EHI and looks foward to discussions with food retailers who wish to achieve the best possible visual impact from LED lighting in their refrigeration.

The second is Nualight's new high bay LED solution for both centre-store and warehouse lighting applications. Featuring a very wide range of optical options, this new fixture will be the most lightweight option on the market yet will deliver powerful, low-glare, high CRI lighting performance. With in-built intelligence as standard, Nualight's high bay solution will dramatically reduce energy consumption while achieving very high comfort levels for shoppers and workers alike.

To arrange a meeting at EHI Energy Congress 2014, please contact:

Mr. Ralf Galle
Sales Director, Germany