LPS Symposium, Bregenz, Sep 30 to Oct 2

September 28, 2014

The LpS 2014 is Europe’s foremost LED & OLED lighting technology event for people in industry and research who are involved in the design and engineering for future LED lighting systems in the fields of general, industrial and architectural lighting. The combination of a three-day multi-disciplined symposium, a workshop program, networking possibilities, and an international exhibition is a perfect opportunity to explore sophisticated semiconductor lighting.

Mr. Edgar Langen, VP and General Manager of Lumotech, will be speaking at this prestigious event about the criteria that should be used to specify drivers for best possible fixture performance. Lumotech is a drivers company that is owned by Nualight and based in the Netherlands. It has a reputation for high-quality drivers that are engineered to the highest standards for reliability, lighting performance and specification/supply chain simplicity. Lumotech drivers are used in Nualight's commercial & industrial lighting products (Blaze, Titan) and are a key factor in the high efficiency and long lifetime of these brands.