The Vivace super-premium colour difference

October 29, 2013

Vivace is Nualight’s super-premium colour technology which is available across our case and feature lighting products for fresh, fashion and lifestyle lighting applications.
What is the Vivace difference? It’s very similar to the difference between looking at an orange under dull indoor lighting and then taking it out into bright sunshine. Same orange, completely different vibrancy of colour.

So what exactly is Vivace technology? Isn’t it enough to specify a high-CRI LED light fixture?
Food shopping is all about eye appeal, and nothing tempts people more than colour.

In lighting, vibrancy of colour is measured along the Ra spectrum which runs from R1 to R14, each number signifying a colour (e.g. R9 is strong red, R11 is strong green). The standard CRI method of measuring colour only takes into account R1-R8, so it only tells half the story.

High CRI is marketed as the best solution for retail lighting where colour is very important (e.g. fresh food). However with many high-CRI LEDs, the R10 to R13 values dip. This means that greens, yellows and blues are less vibrant than they would be under natural sunlight.

The other approach that is taken by some LED manufacturers is to enhance a particular colour. So for example with meat lighting, a red or rosé light is offered. While this results in a rich red, it also casts a pinkish hue over the entire display, making white meat look pink and green herbs look dull and lifeless.

The right approach is Vivace. Vivace colour technology is a true-white LED technology with very high colour rendering all the way through the spectrum. It makes reds, yellows and greens look incredibly fresh and rich in colour while retaining a crisp white light.

The key message is, you no longer need to put up with the downsides of old-fashioned high-CRI or red food lighting, Vivace true-white premium colour technology is the answer.
However colour is just one aspect of the Vivace story. Engineering a high-CRI or color-enhanced LED array or module requires the application of additional specific phosphors to achieve the targeted effect, which lowers lumen output. This, in turn, lowers the overall efficacy (lumens per watt) of the array or module. Nualight’s Vivace technology is a holistic design approach which used intelligent design to deliver the best possible efficacy alongside exceptional colour rendering.
Vivace super-premium colour technology is available across the full portfolio of Nualight case and accent lighting for multidecks, serve-overs, open fresh fruit/veg displays, fashion, flowers, beauty, lifestyle and indeed any premium retail display.