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Porto Perfino Cooler

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Cooler Door, Vivace


Porto Perfino Cooler is a ground-breaking slimline solution for LED door lighting in closed chillers, with ultra-smooth Perfino optical technology that eliminates visible LED dots from behind the door mullions and reflective glare from packaging. Vivace super-premium colour technology is standard. IP67 and very fast install.

WHY Porto Perfino Cooler?

  • Unique optics for a smooth, fully-diffuse lighting effect and zero glare
  • Eliminates the need for any additional canopy fixtures in the door
  • Best-in-class colour rendering, including saturated red (R9) using Vivace technology
  • Water-, and dust-tight luminaires (IP67)
  • Discreet footprint for seamless integration into chillers with narrow vertical mullions
  • Plug & Play connection system for easy integration into any size cabinet or application


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