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High performance car parking solution


Titan delivers exceptional lighting performance in terms of uniformity, glare and efficiency for multi-storey car parks and a range of utility applications such as storage, coldroom, workshops and so on. It has an exceptionally smooth and diffuse lighting effect. In many projects, fewer Titan fixtures are used because of the high lighting performance. With integrated DALI control as standard, Titan makes it cost-effective and easy to implement smart lighting controls. In car parking applications, this can take energy savings to 90% while creating a very fresh, safe environment with imperceptible dimming. Titan is incredibly fast to install, making it an excellent retrofit solution. 

- Family overview and all datasheets
- Installation leaflet
- Lighting design files

WHY Titan?

  • Up to 130 lm/W efficacy and up to 100,000 hours lifetime
  • Through wired – simplified connection for linear runs
  • Smooth visual appearance – No LED pixelization
  • Removable endcap and snap-in mounting  for rapid installation in under 5 minutes
  • DALI compatible (to IEC 62386-101,102, 207) for use with the majority of lighting control systems


Q.What applications is Titan suitable for?

A.Titan was designed specifically for covered car parks, delivering very high uniformity and very low glare, but its robust design makes it ideal for any low bay storage or industrial application.