Car Park Lighting Solutions
Controllable, easy-install lighting that creates an enhanced sense of freshness and safety while delivering up to 90% energy savings – that’s smarter car park lighting.
The car parking industry is going through a period of immense change. Nualight has built extensive expertise across a number of segments in car park lighting (car park operators, airport parking, retail parking), bringing a broad understanding of the business drivers for successful lighting in covered car parks.
Future-proofed LED 

Today, LED lighting can be a powerful driver of profit in multi-storey car parks by dramatically reducing operating costs while creating a more pleasant experience for customers. Tomorrow, LED will become part of the smarter car park infrastructure, connecting both to internal systems and car park users.
DALI-Park lighting solution is designed to deliver smarter LED today that is also future-proofed for tomorrow.

DALI-Park overcomes the typical cost and installation barriers associated with smart lighting controls in car parks, delivering as much as 90% annual lighting energy savings together with an enhanced user-experience and an accelerated payback.

Turnkey Solution
We provide a turnkey solution directly for car park retrofit programmes and major projects across Europe and Australia. This includes auditing, solution consultancy, light planning and project management.

Nualight’s Titan for car park lighting has been designed to facilitate smart lighting control, yielding very high energy savings and an enhanced user-experience in covered car parks. 

It is an exceptionally robust LED fixture with a wide range of configuration options (lengths, colour temperatures etc) that delivers in excess of 0.5 uniformity with very low glare. This makes it an outstanding lighting solution for car park applications. Titan can be installed extremely quickly, making it particularly attractive in retrofit situations. Titan incorporates a DALI driver as standard, making future-proofed lighting a reality. 
Titan Distribution
Nualight’s Titan product for car park lighting is distributed through a network of strategic partners and specialist project distributors across North America, Europe and Australasia.