Q-Park Clerys
    Fast facts:
    Snap shot: 24hour, 5 floors, 621 spaces
    Project: LED low bay with controls, multi-storey car park lighting
    Products: Titan with DALI park controls
Q-Park chose energy efficiency from Nualight for their state-of-the-art Dublin car park. 

Q-Park, Ireland’s leading off-street car park operator, own and manage over 30 car parks throughout Ireland, with sites in major hub cities including Dublin, Belfast, Galway and Cork.

Located on Marlborough Street in Dublin’s busy city centre is Q-Park Clerys car park, a multi-storey parking facility which has five floors with 621-spaces. The Q-Park Clerys car park was fully refurbished in 2007 and quickly became synonymous with state-of-the-art parking facilities and innovative complimentary services such as parent and child parking spaces, shoe shining, jump starts, AEDs (defibrillators), children’s buggies and umbrellas.

More recently, Q-Park have launched an energy efficiency programme with the aim of reducing their energy bills and carbon footprint. The Q-Park Clerys location was chosen as the first car park for the new initiative.

David Vavasour, Technical Services Manager, Q-Park Ireland describes, “We are currently rolling out an energy efficiency programme for all car parks. I have used Nualight on previous projects. I know their luminaires are reliable, energy efficient and offer very good performance in terms of light output combined with a high lumen per watt, so they were my first point of contact to help with this project. Previously we had standard PIR controls switching the lights on / off. The team at Nualight recommended we take our controls further to yield the full benefits of LED.”

It’s all about control

Craig Stead, Head of Sales - Global Commercial and Industrial, Nualight, explains the solution, “Our Titan range has been especially designed to offer exceptional performance for car park lighting, but the DALI controls takes it that step further in terms of energy savings. For Clerys we employed several controls options for maximum energy and atmospheric benefits.”

The Nualight solution focused heavily on DALI controls with Titan low bay LED, to help Q-Park meet their energy saving objective. PIR controls were installed at the entrance on each level. When the PIR’s are activated by either vehicles or pedestrians the lights illuminate. To achieve the maximum savings from LED, DALI dimming controls are utilised. During un-occupied periods Titan dims to 10% and to promote the feeling of safety increases to 90% (day) or 60% (night) when presence is detected. Secondly the outer rows of lights are controlled by daylight sensors, during daylight hours they are dimmed to 10%.

Multi-storey, Multi-benefits

The new lighting installation for Q-Park achieved an outstanding reduction of 35-40% annually on their energy bills, David elaborates, “As a result of the upgrade, we have enhanced our customer experience. Our lux levels have increased, we have improved colour rendering and uniformity which helps with CCTV and facial recognition and creates a brighter, secure and comfortable parking environment, while also meeting standards for emergency lighting. However, the main thing is that we have realised our objective and seen a decrease in our energy bills off between 35-40%. This equates to a reduction of 62 tonnes a year in carbon emissions.”

“I found Nualight a very professional company to deal with, and will work with them on future projects. In choosing Nualight we have experienced many other consequential benefits; we are reassured by the 5-year warranty on all products, the installation is virtually maintenance free for Titan’s lifetime and we have secured a return on investment of 2.5 – 3 years, which is important for justifying future projects. Furthermore, with the installation of LED and the proven energy savings we can apply for government grants, which will assist with the roll out of the program.”

Energy Benefits
• 35-40% annual reduction in energy bills
• Return on investment of 2.5- 3 years
• PIR controls placed at vehicle and pedestrian entrances ensures lights are only on when required
• Daylight sensors utilised on the outer row of lights keeps lights off in daylight hours
• During unoccupied periods Titan dims to 10%, when presence is detected increases to 90% (daytime) and 60% (night time)
• An annual reduction of 62tonnes of C02 emissions secures government grants