Schiphol Parking
Schiphol Airport recently redefined the parking garage standard, creating a brand new concept to enhance the travelling experience.

With 51 million passengers using Schiphol each year, it is Europe’s 4th largest airport and has set out ambitious carbon neutrality goals. It also aims to be a destination airport offering a very high standard of retail and leisure facilities to passengers.

Having moved to LED throughout much of the airport building, it was decided to bring this sustainable technology to the parking areas too. However, this was not just about energy savings, it was about a new concept to enhance the traveller's sense of safety and comfort including significantly improved visibility, pleasant background music, clear signage and, most importantly, a really clean and brightly illuminated space.

Controllable lighting that creates an enhanced experience

Nualight's solution for covered car parks has DALI as standard and has been designed to deliver an exceptional uniformity of lighting.

At Schiphol, the LED system incorporates daylight harvesting and occupancy detection to ensure that lighting energy consumption is at an absolute minimum. Zonal lighting and imperceptible dimming ensures that passengers always feel that they are in a safe and brightly lit space. 

The high lighting uniformity of the Nualight solution creates the perception of a safe and welcoming space, while the low-glare optical design enchances comfort levels.

The LED system at Schiphol has succeeded in dramatically reducing energy consumption by 66%, while also meeting the goals of a transformed traveller experience.