Superb colour impact on shelves and displays with Vivace technology
Superb refrigeration lighting solution with Vivace colour technology
Turnkey solution for retrofit, new build and refurbishment.
A fresher and more colourful store with up to 60% less energy – that’s smarter convenience store lighting.
When words like “refreshed”, “enhanced” and “serious colour punch” are used to describe the difference with Nualight LED, it’s clear that this is about much more than energy savings.
Our convenience lighting solution stretches across all formats and brand strategies. As with all Nualight retail lighting, our products excel in terms of colour, comfort and contrast.
Turnkey Solution

We provide a turnkey solution directly to major retail chains for their convenience stores. 

For franchised chains and independent stores, our products are available through our European network of partners and distributors.

In the UK and Northern Ireland, our partner for franchised convenience retail is the Cross Group.
The flagship product in Nualight's convenience lighting solution is Blaze. Blaze replaces flourescent ceiling tiles with dramatically enhanced lighting that creates a fresh, colourful feeling with very low glare.

The Vivace Colour Wow
Nualight specialises in food lighting where colour impact is incredibly important. Our floor-to-ceiling solution (including feature lighting and refrigerated display lighting) featuring
Vivace super-premium colour technology is completely unique and takes merchandising impact to new levels.