SPAR Flagship
  • SPAR Hackney - new flagship Eat 17 SPAR store wows with Nualight's Vivace.
  • Case study

A stunning new convenience concept built on the premise of fresh, artisan food deserves the right lighting solution for the most tempting displays.

Convenience store, restaurant, pizzeria, burger bar and condiments brand; Eat 17 has already combined five businesses to create a food emporium in Walthamstow, in north-east London, and now the family business is bringing this innovative new model to Hackney.

Nualight / Cross partnership

Nualight's lighting was supplied through Cross Group, Nualight's partner for franchised food retail in the UK and Northern Ireland. Cross Group worked closely with SPAR UK's store design team to create the perfect lighting solution for the store.

Supreme colour with Vivace

Nualight's Esprit recessed and track spots were used to light the convenience store element of the Eat 17 concept. The Esprit range features Vivace technology for very high colour rendering all the way across the spectrum, bringing out the true natural vibrancy in fresh food and packaging.

SPAR Blaze upgrade programme

Cross Group is also working with SPAR RDCs across the UK and Northern Ireland on a major LED lighting upgrade programme using Blaze, Nualight's innovative LED ceiling tile family. Stores are achieving up to 65% energy savings each year while also creating a fresher, brighter ambience for shoppers. This visionary programme is the first major convenience LED upgrade programme in Europe, positioning SPAR at the forefront of sustainability in the sector.