SPAR LED Retrofit
  • SPAR UK - Europe's largest LED upgrade programme in the convenience sector
  • Case study

In a landmark project for LED lighting in the convenience sector,more than 250 SPAR stores in Northern Ireland and Scotland have already upgraded their fluorescent troffers to Nualight’s Blaze LED ceiling tile lighting in this ongoing programme.

The Blaze Upgrade programme was delivered through the Nualight/Cross Group partnership to SPAR RDC company-owned stores and this innovative concept is now being offered by the RDCs to independent store owners.

The enhancement factor

While energy savings are the key advantage of switching to LED, the Blaze solution was selected because of the significant "enhancement" factor that it brings to stores. Blaze is designed to the highest standards of optical performance with high colour rendering and consistency together with very low glare. The slightly assymetric light distribution of Blaze also creates very high levels of uniformity and can lead to as much as 30% fewer fixtures in a project when compared with fluorescent.

Brighter, fresher and more sustainable stores

The Blaze Upgrade programme continues to roll out across Northern Ireland and the UK with store managers and owners experiencing the real business benefits of lower energy costs, zero relamping and an enhanced shopping ambience.