The Garden Group
  • A premium LED farm-shop concept for this leading UK garden centre group.
  • Case study
The Garden Centre Group has about 140 garden centres across the UK. Part of the business model is to add complementary offers for customers. The Farm Shop is a new concept that the Garden Group intends to roll out across its stores and features LED lighting by Nualight.

According to Mr. Glen Miller, Head of Property and Development, Garden Group, “Last year we introduced a CSR strategy called Growing Together which has 4 main pillars. This first is protecting the planet, the second is to inspire our customers and suppliers, the third is to work with local communities to strengthen our links and ties and the fourth is to nurture and develop our own people. We are looking to significantly reduce our environmental impact but also to educate, inform and help our customers to do the same. A key goal is to reduce our energy consumption and thereby our carbon footprint. One of our key drivers is to look at LED lighting to replace our traditional lighting. We found that the introduction of LED lighting has a number of benefits. There’s the energy efficiency, these lights use up to 70% less energy, but they also have a very long installation life.”

Natural lighting with colours that pop

Nualight’s solution for the Farm Shop concept included Vivace track and spot lighting for superb colour vibrancy in food displays together with Forto pendant lighting to create a foodmarket feel. Alto Perfino lighting was used in multideck displays for excellent colour quality without any reflections from packaging or glare from the LEDs.

The lighting concept brings performance benefits far beyond energy savings. As Mr. Miller explained, “The lighting is used as part of a visual direction system to pick out signage and certain products. These LEDs are nearer to natural daylight, they really make the colours pop visually and make the product more exciting. The results of this installation have certainly lived up to our expectations and we will be looking to replicate this type of installation across our estate.”