Prodega C&C
  • Prodega C&C - LED that delivered 63% energy savings for the entire store.
  • Case study
Co-op of Switzerland is justifiably known as one of the world’s most progressive food retailers. Its vision is to become carbon neutral by 2023. It sets annual CO2 reduction targets across its range of operations, including Prodega, its high-end Cash and Carry business.

Prodega serves the catering and hospitality industries. 30,000 products are offered, exclusively for catering professionals. Customer expectations are extremely high. Prodega places high emphasis on regional products and fresh produce. Quality of product presentation is critically important. Lighting needs to be as close as possible to natural light to emphasize colour and freshness.

A Space In Need of a Smarter Solution

Prodega stores are large: typically 7,000 to 12,000 square meters, with ceilings 5 to 7 meters high. Energy and maintenance costs for lighting are high, accounting for up to 70% of the total energy bill. The company’s sustainability targets included major reductions in those costs.

Big Savings and Brighter Colours

Nualight’s solution for Prodega’s Coolway area is Zest, an award-winning suspended LED accent lighting system with the industry’s highest colour-rendering and exceptional on-target illumination. Zest is suspended in elegant lines around the fresh displays. It is colour-tunable, with very low glare. Signage is taken away from the produce and suspended on the lighting infrastructure, emphasising the wares themselves to dramatic effect.

Nualight’s Vivace technology is used in all the refrigerated cases in the Coolway for vibrant colour.

Highbay and spot lighting was also used throughout the main Prodega store, using technology that minimised glare and created a very comfortable space for customers.

The overall solution for the first store in this LED retrofit programme - Prodega in Biel - reduced lighting energy by 45% and the reduction in temperature compared to fluorescent lighting added a further 18% saving on refrigeration and air-conditioninig, yielding an overall energy saving for the store of 63%.