Co-operative UK
The Co-operative Group has over 3,000 food stores and supermarkets around the UK. The Group places focus on high quality, ethically sourced products, and corporate social responsibility.

A 2008 survey named The Co-operative as Britain’s greenest supermarket.

According to Alex Pitman, Co-operative Group Energy and Carbon Manager, "The motivation for introducing Nualight’s LED lighting solutions to our stores arose from our commitment to sustainable practices."

Across all of The Co-operative’s UK stores, Nualight’s Porto freezer door lighting solution has been installed in the doors of low-temperature cases. Alto canopy lighting is used for the ice-cream display cases.

High-margin foods such as ice-cream and luxury desserts have richly coloured packaging. These colours are emphasized and accentuated by Nualight’s LED technology, to catch the eye and attract customers. Alto canopy lighting delivers exceptional CRI (colour-rendering index) for vibrant colour.
Visual impact for chillers with doors

The Co-operative Group is also the first UK supermarket chain to begin retrofitting chillers with doors. In the UK the food retail industry has largely made the energy-saving transition to doors on frozen food displays. Now the same shift is being applied to chillers. But doors can create dark spots across the face of the products on display.

For lighting chillers, the Co-operative Group turned to Nualight for an innovative LED solution. Porto chiller door lighting produces exceptionally uniform and bright light, eliminating dark spots and giving food displays freshness and colour. The luminaire profile is ultra-slim so that the light source is invisible even behind narrow case mullions.

Porto and Alto, in common with all of Nualight’s LED technology, are designed to minimise energy consumption while delivering uncompromising visual impact.