Hyperama Wholesale
    Fast Facts:
    50,000 sq ft. Cash and Carry
    Vertical freezer door refurbishment using Orion Vertical
    62% Energy saving | 2 years pay back |Saving 2 tonnes of C02 per year

Oak Refrigeration pride themselves on delivering innovative solutions which continually break new boundaries in terms of reliability and energy usage. When tasked by their customer Hyperama Wholesale to create more focus on their freezers products, they turned to Nualight for a high impact solution.

Hyperama Wholesale have become known for revolutionising the UK Cash and Carry market. They aim to provide customers with the type of pleasant shopping experience usually found in traditional retail environments.

Luke Collins, Oak Refrigeration Director describes, “We had to overcome several challenges to find the right solution for Hyperama. Their freezers were poorly lit and it was difficult to see what was behind the glass. Previously they used bulky 58 W T8 fluorescent tubes which were often failing due to the low freezer temperatures.” 

Enhanced customer shopping experience

“Having worked with Nualight in the past we knew who to turn to, especially with the recent launch of Orion. Orion offered the perfect price point with products available quickly. Hyperama had tried various other LED products before, which were tested in the chilled and frozen sections, however following perception tests and management reviews the Orion solution gave far superior results.”

Vibrant Displays

The higher CRI and increased light output, displays products with more vibrancy and life, attracting attention to the frozen goods. Also, the low glare and uniform light eliminates dark spots, increasing product visibility as the client requested.
“Now Hyperama’s freezers pop with vibrant colours, which adds to their customers shopping experience and they are also saving energy. The switch from fluorescent to Orion has yielded a 62% energy saving, they are also reducing their carbon footprint by two tonnes of carbon per year, all with a ROI of two years.”

“Furthermore, there is little or no maintenance required. Previously the large T8 tubes and diffusers use to get damaged from the oversized carboard boxes, as they protruded into the freezer space. The slim low profile of Orion hugs the stanchions of the doors, so is protected by the cabinet fabric, resulting in less or no damage,” says Luke.

Nick Bradshaw, Health, Safety and Facilities Manager, Hyperama, summarises, “The lighting has made a big difference to the presentation of our product ranges. It is perfectly suited to retail. I am certain it makes a difference to our customer’s shopping experience.”