• Migros - an innovative new LED concept for chillers with glass doors
  • Case study

Migros Zurich is one of the food retail industry's most progressive retailers, not just in terms of their innovative Generation M sustainability programme, but also their early adoption of new retail technologies.

The debate about whether or not to put glass doors on chillers continues to rage throughout the grocery industry but Migros Zurich believes that it has found the perfect balance between significant energy savings and a solution that creates even more tempting food displays.

Nualight's Alto Perfino in-case canopy lighting was used for the top shelves while Zest LED pendant was used to light the bottom half of the displays from the exterior. Both Alto Perfino and Zest have been designed for very low glare, eliminating reflections from both the glass doors and packaged products inside. Both products also feature Vivace super-premium colour technology for superb visual impact.

Perfect Chiller Lighting

According to Mr. Juan Genovese, Verkaufstechnik, Migros Zurich, "In our previous cooler lighting systems, achieving very even illumination from top to bottom was difficult. We tried spotlights, but the results were inadequate. Product colours weren't right and produce going off was an issue. Zest for instance is really perfect for us. The system is well designed, unobtrusive and meets all our requirements. Was the lighting a success? Just look at the lighting quality."