• Sainsbury's - refrigerated displays lit exclusively by Nualight LED lighting.
  • Case Study

Sainsbury’s has been a household name and a top three UK supermarket chain for nearly a century. With 1,100 stores in a highly competitive market, every advantage counts.

Merchandising impact, cost-reduction and sustainability were all in mind when Sainsbury’s selected Nualight as their exclusive lighting partner for refrigerated cases.

Sustainable Sainsbury’s

Nualight’s LED technology makes a significant contribution towards the Sainsbury’s 20 by 20 Sustainability Plan. The retail chain is targeting carbon emission reductions of 30% by 2020.

Nualight’s LED solution has reduced lighting energy consumption by 70% in low-temperature cases, and 40% in medium-temperature. A guaranteed lifetime of 50,000 hours makes the solution maintenance-free for even greater cost efficiencies.

Big Savings and Bright Colours

Nualight’s LED lighting technology is used in all new and refurbished Sainsbury’s stores for low-temperature, medium-temperature and speciality cases.

Nualight LED was chosen for its exceptional merchandising performance. Lighting is vital for emphasizing the quality and colour of food on display, part of the unique in-store ambience of Sainsbury’s. Vivace technology significantly enhances the vibrancy of colour and was implemented for cheese, meats and salads in serveovers. Perfino technology creates a very smooth lighting impact with no visible LED dots and this optical innovation was implemented in medium-temperature displays.