Arc 2 reviewed in the latest ‘Value Proposition’ from Lux

Arc 2 has been featured in the latest of the renowned “Value Propositions” series from Lux. A value proposition filters through the selling messages from manufacturers to provide an uncompromising view of the technical and design benefits of a lighting solution. Value propositions follow a format, which benchmarks the luminaire against a comparable and alternative industry solution using Lux verified data.

Arc 2, is a highly efficient and lightweight IP65 LED high bay luminaire range suitable for industrial applications from warehouses and logistic centres to large scale manufacturing plants. The value proposition evaluates Arc 2 within a warehouse retrofit situation. The feature clearly details the improvements between the first-generation Arc, which was one of the first high bay fixtures to shift to a radical new approach in luminaire design and ARC 2, the latest solution with efficiencies of up to 140lm/w and lifetime values of L90 @ 100,000 hours.

Arc 2 is then pitched against a conventional metal halide product, typical of the luminaire type currently installed in industrial applications. In this retrofit example, the differences between the results are even more stark.
Looking at two equivalent scheme designs side-by-side, the following benefits can be realised:

– Only 49 Arc 2 luminaires are required to light the space, compared with 89 metal halides
– A €4732 reduction in capital expenditure
– A much lower connected and installed load
– Annual running costs are reduced by 68%, with further savings acheivable with PIR versions
– Zero lamp and ballast changes required throughout the installations lifetime*

The full value proposition and installation specification* can be found by clicking here.