Arc 2 – The powerfully efficient, lightweight and progressive LED high bay

Nualight once again uses the discernible curved design and latest LED technology to launch Arc 2, a highly efficient and lightweight IP65 LED high bay luminaire range suitable for industrial applications from warehouses and logistic centres to large scale manufacturing plants.

Within the last decade, LED has revolutionised lighting in industry. Prior to that clunky, noisy, inefficient and costly installations were the norm. Nualight who had already pioneered the use of LED within the retail environment recognised their customers’ frustration when they could not transport the benefits they had realised from within the store to their own warehouses and manufacturing plants. The response was the original Arc range.

Arc was the contradiction to conventional lighting at the time. Not only did it break the “box” mould for high bays but at its launch it was efficient, noticeably lighter and offered a variety of optics and controls options allowing customers to optimise their tired installations with first generation LED.

Progress through revolution not evolution
Arc 2 may look like the original Arc but due to the nature of Nualight design engineers and the relentless pursuit to challenge the status quo, Nualight re-evaluated and scrutinised every detail and component to ensure the solution that customers received was true brilliance.

The Power of the Curve
No part was left unchallenged, including the original curved body, however as Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton once said, “In life, as in art, the beautiful moves in curves”, and it certainly does within Arc 2. The unique curved design together with precision optics and thermal engineering culminates in a safe, robust, energy saving high bay solution with efficacies up to 140lm/W and exceptionally long rated lifetimes up to 100,000 hours increasing ROI and minimising maintenance cycles.

Powerfully efficient, lightweight and progressive
With a change of materials and half the number of components compared to its predecessor, complexity within the luminaire has been reduced, making it one of the lightest solutions available. The lightweight solution further reduces on-site installation, shipping and handling costs by negating the need for surplus manpower or machinery to manoeuvre fittings.

The optical design, wide and aisle beam profiles ensures that the light is directed exactly to where it is needed, providing a highly comfortable and glare free environment. (UGR <22 in accordance with EN12464-1.)

Optional PIR, Daylight sensors and DALI controls provide further opportunities for up to 30% energy saving. Arc 2 from Nualight is available in a range of lengths, wattages and beam profiles. Additional accessories include a wire guard, suspension kit and adjustable bracket.

For further information on the Arc 2 range please click here.