International supermarket chain- PennyMarkt light up with LED and close the chiller doors on rising energy costs and carbon emissions

Working together, Nualight, Cool Solutions and DoubleCOOL have achieved vibrant chilled product displays for international supermarket chain PennyMarkt.

Following in the footsteps of many European retail chains, PennyMarkt, Germany, are closing their open-fronted refrigeration equipment with retrofit doors, in a bid to save energy and cut carbon emissions.

DoubleCOOL’s chiller doors have found worldwide recognition for saving up to 50% on energy in supermarkets, nevertheless, for a chiller door retrofit to be successful speciality lighting must be employed.

Anthony Giles, Cool Solutions Director details, “Previously, PennyMarkt had fluorescent canopy lighting installed in their open-front multideck chillers. As everyone knows, retrofitting doors to your open-front cases achieves significant energy savings.  However, in order to achieve the optimum merchandising display of the products on sale, frameless doors and effective vertical and horizontal LED lighting must also be installed. DoubleCOOL doors and Nualight achieve this without question.”

Wolfgang Klingenberg, DoubleCOOL Sales Director, adds “Nualight were the natural choice and are now our preferred partner for LED lighting. Their Orion product uses the latest energy efficient LEDs and provides an illumination which is not only easy on the eye but eliminates those dark spots you often get. The products are then presented in a brighter more inviting way.”

So far three PennyMarkt stores in Dieburg and central Frankfurt have been equipped with the DoubleCOOL / Nualight package and PennyMarkt senior management are very satisfied so far. This is a good basis for possible future retrofit roll-outs of stores in Germany.

Wolfgang comments, “In fact, PennyMarkt are even noticing an increase in sales post-retrofit of the DoubleCOOL/Nualight package. It is really attracting customers to buy the offered products. The clean unobtrusive LEDs make the product displays sparkle and increases the vibrancy of the colours on the product packaging.”

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Nualight Website Launch

Introducing the new website from Nualight, packed with new products, case studies and features to make your life a little easier.

The powerful search and filter functions make it easy to navigate the entire product portfolio and quickly find the right solution.

Irrespective of where, when and how you are accessing the website – A fully responsive, beautiful and seamless mobile experience enables you to access and download relevant information such as LDT, datasheets and installation files directly to your device.

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Refrigeration & Retail Design News Roundup October 2017

As technology advances so does its impact on the retail world. Lighting in particular can deliver exceptional benefits to the retail industry both in shop displays and behind the scenes in warehouses and production facilities.

However, we understand that there are many other factors effecting the retail landscape and we like to keep up to date with what is happening and share what we find, so here is the monthly round-up of our favourite and must read “Refrigeration and Retail Design” news and articles for October.

To access the paper click here. Please note that this link expires on 20th November 2017, so make sure to look out for the next one.

Thank you for visiting the Nulumentek stand at Gulfood Manufacturing

We hope your enjoyed your three days at the Middle East’s biggest food and beverage processing industry event.

In case you missed the show, Nualight’s Middle East resellers Nulumentek exhibited the latest lighting products for food processing areas and retail displays. NuLumenTek Ltd are a solutions provider for energy efficient technology primarily focused on LED lighting.

The Nualight industrial ranges Arc2 and Titan, certified for food preparation areas and agricultural applications were displayed alongside their refrigeration ranges Orion and Perfino, both design to showcase your food produce in the best light.

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Handyside Car Park is shortlisted for Lux Awards 2017

The Lux Awards’ judging panel have shortlisted the Handyside Car Park from over 200 entries and named it as a contender for the Industrial and Transport Lighting Project of the Year category.

The judging panel, consisting of both end users and lighting experts visited the site at the end of the summer to further inspect and asses the project! We wait with bated breath to find out the outcome at the award ceremony in London on Thursday 16th November.

The Handyside Car Park, Kings Cross is a 415-space facility for both public and private use which, serves the Tapestry Building – an outstanding collection of 129 houses, apartments and retail units.

The King’s Cross development partnership worked with consultant Parking Matters and contractors Keir to select and install a smart lighting scheme for the car park – an area often over looked by designers. Bright, safe and forward thinking The King’s Cross development partnership selected Nualight’s robust Titan LED for the new facility. Titan has been designed to facilitate smart lighting control, yielding excellent energy and carbon savings compared to fluorescent alternatives.

Pam Chahal-Harris reflects, “It is so exciting to be shortlisted, we are up against some strong competition but it would be great to see Handyside get the recognition it deserves. I am really pleased Nualight could deliver to the client’s expectations. The Titan industrial linear solution with DALIPark controls ensures the light output is managed to minimise inefficiencies whilst providing a safe, bright and welcoming parking environment. We have our fingers crossed.”

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Latest opportunities at Nualight

Since 2005, Nualight has always offered a ground-breaking approach to lighting.

A progressive and nimble company, Nualight pioneered the LED market at a time when other manufacturers were convinced fluorescent was still part of the future. Nualight grasped the opportunity, we saw there was a more efficient and effective method of illuminating spaces with LED and we did not rest on our laurels. We took risks, aggressively pursued new business and quickly gained traction with international retailers, refrigeration equipment manufacturers and industrial lighting customers. More than a decade later, after countless collaborations, we are actively seeking to expand our team further!

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Are you visiting Gulfood Manufacturing, Dubai next week?

Then stop by the NuLumenTek Stand – Z1-A18, Hall Za’abeel 1, to view lighting products designed to perform in the most demanding of locations while saving you money.

Gulfood Manufacturing is the Middle East’s biggest food and beverage processing industry event which connects suppliers from 60 countries to showcase the latest F&B manufacturing business improvement tools.

The three-day exhibition’s aim is to put food & beverage manufacturers, with multiple socio-economic, operational and food safety concerns, face – to – face with energy-efficient, budget-friendly solutions, to enable them to boost productivity and profitability. This year it takes place on the 31st October – 2nd November 2017 at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

Nualight’s Middle East resellers NuLumenTek will be exhibiting the latest lighting products for food processing areas and retail displays. NuLumenTek Ltd are a solutions provider for energy efficient technology primarily focused on LED lighting.

The Nualight industrial ranges Arc2 and Titan, certified for food preparation areas and agricultural applications, will be among the products on display. A recent example of their use was the installation at the UK’s premier fresh produce provider – Total Produce in Spalding, for more information click here.

Furthermore, to create point of sale impact, the Nualight refrigeration range will also be exhibited, including products incorporating the latest LED technology, such as Orion and Perfino, both design to showcase your food produce in the best light.

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Titan and ARC 2 provide a fresh lighting look for the UK’s premier fresh food provider

Nualight together with resellers Cross Group help the UK’s premier fresh produce provider – Total Produce to update their lighting and reduce their energy costs, creating a bright, safe and comfortable working environment.

Total Produce, the UK’s premier fresh produce provider, trade out of 21 locations across the UK in addition to over 100 international facilities.

Joe Conway, the Cross Group, outlines the project, “This recent project in Spalding consists of an LED upgrade in the extension to the existing depot and LED throughout the new refrigerated process and storage areas. There was an ideal Nualight solution for each area. Titan and Arc 2 met all the criteria, providing superior light performance and potential lighting energy savings of up to 60% in the existing areas, which were previously utilising fluorescent fittings. In the new areas, the Arc 2 and Titan products were supplied with on-board sensors and controls to harvest future savings.”

Conor Keown, Total Produce, Head of Facilities Management, concludes, “At Total Produce we are committed to reducing our environmental footprint and this initiative is part of that effort. The LED lighting will save on energy costs and so far, the installation is meeting expectations.  In addition, the enhanced light level provides a bright and safer working environment.”

John Sutton, Senior Product Manager, Nualight, “This project is another great example of how LED lighting can be applied to warehouse and storage areas to the benefit of business owners, by reducing operational costs and to workers with the increased light quality, it is good to know we have helped Total Produce in their commitment to reducing their environmental footprint.”

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Nualight launch Red-Tone (RT) Variants of Orion

Additions to the Orion range of LED refrigeration lighting, from Nualight, bring new depths to refrigerated meat displays.

You’re in the supermarket. Have you ever considered what attracts you to a piece of fresh meat? There are key factors at play. Unlike fruit and vegetable shopping, where you can touch, feel and smell, fresh meat shopping relies on the visual cues we receive from the produce.

Instinctively we look to see how pigmented, flush and red the meat is. This information tells us how healthy and safe the food would be to consume. In the right light, we can assess how fresh the produce is and the time before it spoils.

Retailers must display these time sensitive products under the correct lighting to communicate the freshness of the meat to enable customers to make the right purchase decisions to achieve a quick timely sale.

Best light for customer choices

To help retailers and display case manufacturers provide the best lighting conditions, Nualight have now added Red-Tone (RT) variants to their industry leading Orion range of LED refrigeration lighting. Orion Red -Tone (RT) solutions are specially formulated to enhance fresh meat display cases, picking up and strengthening the natural reds found in the products.

Furthermore, the Orion range contains no UV and IR and does not generate excess heat. This ensures packaging will not fade or create a barrier to the communication of important information. Orion, covers a wider colour spectrum than traditional fluorescents and provides an environment where the true colours of the meat are reflected enabling customers to analyse this valuable information.

Combine these benefits with the high performance features of the existing range, including industry leading efficacies, 50K hour life times and fast delivery times for stocked products, retailers and manufacturers alike are offered a win/win solution.

To find out how Orion Red- Tone can transform your refrigerated meat display cases visit:

The refrigeration lighting team is growing at Nualight

Nualight further demonstrate their commitment to the refrigeration lighting market with new recruit for the UK Market.

Pioneers of LED in the retail display case environment, Nualight, have just announced a new addition to their commercial refrigeration lighting team, Simon Needham.

Bringing with him a several years’ experience of working in the commercial refrigeration and lighting industry, Simon will predominately be looking after the UK OEMs, Installers and Retailers. Prior to joining Nualight he has worked for Advance International as Refrigeration Sales Manager and has also held previous positions at Epta Group and Alan Nuttal Ltd.

Simon details his reasons for joining Nualight as, “I came to work for Nualight looking for some exciting new challenges in the market. I look forward to working with the innovative ranges, people and a brand such as Nualight.”

Mark Stratford, Head of Commercial Refrigeration Programmes at Nualight said, “Refrigeration lighting is a key growth area for us, so Simon will be a valuable asset to the team. We are pleased to welcome him on board and wish him well in his new role.”