Brighter, safer parking with Titan low-bay installation

Imagine finishing work late and walking into a deserted car park when everyone else has left or jumping in to the car for a last-minute pop to the shops after dark. It makes perfect sense that the lighter the car park is the safer you will feel.

Residents of one of Manchester’s popular developments now enjoy safer, brighter parking after Parking Matters – a specialist consultancy, worked with landlords to help improve energy efficiency and safety. Set in a fantastic location close to universities and train stations the development is serviced by a 24 hour, 10 floor, multi-storey car park.

The car park was fast approaching 15 years old, and was still fitted with the original, inefficient lighting. The old fittings were proving to be costly to operate and maintain, producing poor lighting levels, which resulted in a gloomy dark environment.

Titan, an LED low bay solution from Nualight, was chosen to increase light levels and decrease energy consumption. The previous fluorescent fittings were consuming 302 MW-h, installing over 200 Titan fittings, throughout the car park and stair wells, has reduced power consumption by 82% to 54 MW-h.

Furthermore, over 25% of the old luminaires were not operating, they were dim and yellow, resulting in poor overall lighting levels and uniformity.  The LED refurbishment offers a vastly more reliable and stable lighting system giving greater and more consistent customer comfort at the same time reducing maintenance bills.

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