Five top tips for creating enticing fresh produce displays

Today, health and obesity concerns are increasing gym memberships, nutrition awareness and pushing healthier lifestyles to the forefront of public opinion. In response, supermarkets are dedicating more floor space to fresher and healthier foods.

Fresh fruit, vegetables and meat are as rich in colour and vibrancy as they are in nutritional value. To tempt shoppers towards these items, retailers need specialist lighting enhance the colours and natural textures, ensuring a quick turnaround before they perish; customers also need to discern a product’s colour to feel satisfied with their purchasing decisions.

Colour technology for food lighting is a Nualight core competence, an area we research and invest heavily in.

Here are our five top tips for using light to create enticing fresh produce displays:


  1. Colour temperature
    Select a colour temperature to enhance the colours of the food you are displaying. For example, where the is a range from blueberries and bananas to oranges and strawberries, a neutral colour temperature from 2700K- 2500K could be used in conjunction with high CRI >85Ra solution. This would offer a good uniform natural ambience displaying warmer intense colours. Or another example, using a cooler colour temperature say, 5000K to make white fish appear brighter and will also emphasise the colour of the ice, whereas red fish such as salmon, prawns and langoustines would appear more saturated with a lower colour temperature <4000K.


  1. CRI above 85Ra
    Choosing a CRI above 85Ra will add sparkle and vibrancy and depth of colour to your displays.


  1. True white
    Selecting a true white LED fitting will showcase produce in the best light across a wide range of produce. Unlike traditional approaches to food lighting, Nualight’s VIVACE technology offers a true-white LED source with market leading colour vibrancy across the spectrum. More akin to natural day light, we like to call it “sunshine lighting” bringing out a deeper vibrancy in every colour.


  1. HDR
    We do it with television displays why not chose high definition for your produce displays. Technology has evolved, and we can now take advantage of the full colour spectrum. We have added a new level of dynamism to our Orion refrigeration range with HDR variants that offer a wider colour gamut, allowing you to really define those reds and whites in-store.


  1. Low glare and uniformity
    With more and more doors being added to refrigerators for energy saving, it is vital to limit glare and dark spots inside the case, allowing the products appeal to shine through. Selecting a high lumen output, with controlled optics will spread light evenly across the case.


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