Brighter, Safer Parking with Nualight

The lighting industry has witnessed a rapid rate of technological advancements over the last decade. There are now viable alternatives to outdated, inefficient and energy hungry lighting solutions for parking facilities. Nualight has built extensive expertise across several segments in the car park industry, bringing a broad understanding of the business drivers for successful lighting in covered car parks.

Overall, LED solutions are approximately 40% to 60% more efficient than florescent and metal halide lighting technologies, giving facility managers a great opportunity for easy savings. It is understandable that energy is the number one instigator for the switch to LED. However, this thinking can lead to the other benefits and associated cost savings LED can bring being overlooked. LED also delivers improved colour rendering, longer lifetimes, increased stability in performance and lower maintenance costs. Which means, no down time for maintenance, brighter, comfortable and reliable lighting.

In two recent Nualight projects the switch to LED has yielded energy savings of up to 82%, Nualight has also seen more managers appreciating the additional benefits. David Vavasour, Technical Services Manager, Q-Park Ireland details the results for a Titan installation at Q-Park Clerys multi-storey car park in Dublin, “As a result of the upgrade, we have enhanced our customer experience. Our lux levels have increased, we have improved colour rendering and uniformity which helps with CCTV and facial recognition and creates a brighter, secure and comfortable parking environment, while also meeting standards for emergency lighting.”

Likewise, in a collaboration with parking consultants, Parking Matters at a refurbishment of a 24-hour residential and commercial car park in Manchester, Keith Williams, Associate Director, explains some of the other benefits of LED “The switch to LED produced further benefits for this project. LED is more reliable and isn’t affected by changes in temperature.  Not only does our client gain from the energy savings but they also see a reduction in maintenance costs, no more changes of fluorescent tubes! This also adds to the safety element, as LED provides continuous light. We would recommend this type of refurbishment to other car park owners as the installation has met the objectives and the quality of the product and the installation service are both very high.”

Nualight have invested their LED experience into developing lighting solutions specifically aimed at today’s energy intensive environments such as car parks.

Titan, from Nualight incorporates an optical design which produces uniform light with low glare, suitable for underground and multi-story parking structures. The range integrates DALI controls as standard, making it a cost-effective and easy to implement lighting control option. Due to its easy rapid installation, Titan is suitable for both retrofits and refurbishment projects.

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