How to apply LED lighting for brighter and safer indoor car parks?

User safety and security are the keywords for car parks.

Location alone will not attract and retain users to a car park, particularly indoor car parks, where there is an element of entering the unknown. If a user perceives a threat to their personal or vehicle safety, they are unlikely to consider leaving their vehicle there.

Car park operators must satisfy a user’s perceived safety expectations and comply with safety requirements to facilitate the movement of both pedestrians and vehicles.

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Looking forward to an exciting 2018 

2017 saw Nualight reaffirm its position as a pioneer of the LED lighting industry.

Highlights of the year include helping clients such as international supermarket chain, Pennymarkt, with their chilled display cases (full case study here) and Combilift with their new 46,000 sq. metre, state of the art production site (see video here). Both brands, at the forefront of their industries, demand the same level of performance from their lighting scheme, as they do in their own business’.

CEO, Peter Mazalon, comments on the past year and what the future holds:

At Nualight, we continue to realise our vision by providing our customers with market leading portfolios that enhance the user experience.  2017 has been a wonderful year where Nualight solutions have helped customers and distributors to create their own efficient and inspiring places.

We have maintained relationships with world leading food retail brands, supporting them as they update and roll out new store concepts. Our solutions ensure their objectives, no matter where they are, be it Europe, Australia or the USA, are achieved with a focus on colour and vibrancy.

The start for the year saw the introduction of new and improved  robust, high performance industrial solutions that achieve excellent ROI, creating safe and comfortable spaces like Handyside car park in London and the Total Produce production facilities.

Looking forward, 2018 promises to be a very exciting year for Nualight, with many projects in the pipeline to cement our position in our two distinct LED lighting business units – refrigerated display case and industrial lighting.

With food retailers and commercial refrigeration case manufacturers in mind, we intend to refine our comprehensive refrigerated display case lighting portfolio.

For the industrial sector, 2018 will see more product innovations, with new ranges on the horizon, ensuring customers always have access to the latest technology and design.

We look forward to optimising our current portfolios and applying them to new and exciting projects.

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Refrigeration & Retail Design News Roundup December 2017

This month we focus on merchandising impact from within the refrigerated display, looking at examples from PennyMarkt and as the end of 2017 approaches the industry looks at future concepts of shopping how to limit waste food.

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Please note that this link expires on 20th January 2018, so make sure to look out for the next one in the new year!

Season’s Greetings and Happy New Year from all at Nualight

Christmas Jumper Day has arrived at the Nualight Cork office, so we thought we would take this opportunity to wish all our customers a jolly festive period and a happy 2018! Its been a great year and we look forward to completing many more projects together.

Today the team in Cork are decked out in their merry Christmas jumpers in aid of the Cork Simon charity.

Cork Simon is a local charity which works in solidarity with men and women who are homeless in Cork, Ireland offering housing and support in their journey back to independent living.

Please note we will be closed from Friday 22nd December until 2nd January – when normal business hours will resume.

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Nualight predictions for grocery retail lighting in 2018

With the end of 2017 insight we discuss what 2018 holds for the retail industry and the role lighting will play, with Andrew Cronin, Nualight Vice president – Product Research & Development:

This year has been about implementing strong foundations for LED lighting. Unfortunately, we have had more than a few instances where customers have asked us to correct a LED installation.

Customers must be cautious when selecting programmes which, in the short term, look good on the balance sheet but can yield negative long-term consequences. Unintentionally, a poor lighting decision can jeopardise the end user experience, which can be painful from both a financial and brand perspective. Correcting these mistakes can be both costly and time consuming, a good rollout requires a good team, robust data and experience!

Lighting industry trends

The lighting industry continues to recognise that users are becoming ever more receptive to push notifications and information on mobile devices. I would therefore expect to see continued developments in 2018 for IOT, Beacons and Li-fi enabled luminaires as vehicles to create customer engagement touchpoints.

Grocery retail trends

Controversially however, within the grocery retail sector, we believe lighting manufacturers are not best placed to lead these new customer engagement technologies or platforms, in fact we would go so far to say that technology cannot be substituted for innovative store design and exceptional customer service.

Even in this digital age, customers expect a quick, non-personal transaction online but expect quite the opposite in store. Evidence is strong that brick-and-mortar stores will not just survive but continue to grow, this can be seen through the recent investments from European discounters and notable online retailers such as Amazon. Grocery store retail will continue to change into a more intimate and personalised experience, which so far, are impossible to replicate online.

Sensory experiences such as the magnetising smell of freshly baking bread, or the taste of a “try before you buy” fruit or cheese promotions will be the development path for fresh food store formats. Lighting can hugely influence these sensory experiences and therefore we believe grocery retailers will continue to invest in retail display lighting to help promote and accentuate their products.

In summary, for 2018 energy savings will become less of a decisive purchasing factor, whilst luminaire quality, maintenance and robustness will return as higher priorities for lighting buyers.

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How can Nualight help to make our customers life a little bit easier?

As the end of the calendar year approaches and before we all start to get merry, we reflect on our key successes, but we ask what do you really get when you buy a Nualight solution?

We like to think that great systems, processes and protocols go a long way to make our lives easier but really, it’s the people that deliver. We asked two of our colleagues what they think Nualight does to help make our customers life a little bit easier?

Caroline Frawley, Customer Services, “We keep our customers up to date with weekly calls to ensure that their optimal customer services levels are achieved – building strong business relationships along the way. Our reporting tools allow us to support with forecasting and to maintain our performances and SLA’s. Working across many departments, we ensure customer expectation is always a top priority and we strive to meet demanding requirements in terms of responsiveness, lead time and quality products”

Dan Lemajic, VAR Network Manager, “The fundamental philosophy for the sales team is to grow our business, by helping our customers grow their business. This can only be done by understanding every business is individual and listening to the needs before reacting. We work with our customers to develop our own internal processes that support, rather than hinder; creating true partnerships.”

Communications and partnerships are the cornerstones of our service strategy going forward. We will continue to support with fast lead times, stocked products and performance launches, helping customers to grow their businesses.

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Refrigeration & Retail Design News Roundup November 2017

The retail industry must get to grips with the ever-changing technological landscape to harness the true benefits that it has to offer. Savings and efficiency can be gained through clever design both customer facing and behind the scenes.

This month we have seen how smart industrial lighting can help save costs in warehousing, we have launched our new website and we are recruiting. Externally the industry is looking at the future of retail and the effect keeping up with technology can have, so here is our monthly roundup of our favourite and must read “Refrigeration and Retail Design” news and articles for November 2017.

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Please note that this link expires on 22nd December 2017, so make sure to look out for the next one at the end of the month!

International supermarket chain- PennyMarkt light up with LED and close the chiller doors on rising energy costs and carbon emissions

Working together, Nualight, Cool Solutions and DoubleCOOL have achieved vibrant chilled product displays for international supermarket chain PennyMarkt.

Following in the footsteps of many European retail chains, PennyMarkt, Germany, are closing their open-fronted refrigeration equipment with retrofit doors, in a bid to save energy and cut carbon emissions.

DoubleCOOL’s chiller doors have found worldwide recognition for saving up to 50% on energy in supermarkets, nevertheless, for a chiller door retrofit to be successful speciality lighting must be employed.

Anthony Giles, Cool Solutions Director details, “Previously, PennyMarkt had fluorescent canopy lighting installed in their open-front multideck chillers. As everyone knows, retrofitting doors to your open-front cases achieves significant energy savings.  However, in order to achieve the optimum merchandising display of the products on sale, frameless doors and effective vertical and horizontal LED lighting must also be installed. DoubleCOOL doors and Nualight achieve this without question.”

Wolfgang Klingenberg, DoubleCOOL Sales Director, adds “Nualight were the natural choice and are now our preferred partner for LED lighting. Their Orion product uses the latest energy efficient LEDs and provides an illumination which is not only easy on the eye but eliminates those dark spots you often get. The products are then presented in a brighter more inviting way.”

So far three PennyMarkt stores in Dieburg and central Frankfurt have been equipped with the DoubleCOOL / Nualight package and PennyMarkt senior management are very satisfied so far. This is a good basis for possible future retrofit roll-outs of stores in Germany.

Wolfgang comments, “In fact, PennyMarkt are even noticing an increase in sales post-retrofit of the DoubleCOOL/Nualight package. It is really attracting customers to buy the offered products. The clean unobtrusive LEDs make the product displays sparkle and increases the vibrancy of the colours on the product packaging.”

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Nualight Website Launch

Introducing the new website from Nualight, packed with new products, case studies and features to make your life a little easier.

The powerful search and filter functions make it easy to navigate the entire product portfolio and quickly find the right solution.

Irrespective of where, when and how you are accessing the website – A fully responsive, beautiful and seamless mobile experience enables you to access and download relevant information such as LDT, datasheets and installation files directly to your device.

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