Helios – The new smart, sleek and sophisticated industrial waterproof linear LED solution

Smart features, a unique sleek profile makes Helios a sophisticated yet affordable solution which has been stress tested and certified for 10 years harsh-industrial product life.

Within the last decade, LED has revolutionised lighting in industry. Nualight, already pioneers of LED within the retail environment, recognised their customers’ frustration when they could not transport the benefits they had realised from within the store to their own warehouses and manufacturing plants. From there, the industrial portfolio grew. Fast forward and Nualight is a name known in the industrial luminaire market for producing exceptional and affordable high-bay and linear luminaires. A new concept to market is HELIOS.

Nualight who never had the hindrances of conventional lighting technology, have designed a linear solution from the ground up. Helios is a clever, stylish, fit and forget solution constructed to offer the end user a robust high-performance luminaire, which is easy to install and flexible enough to adapt to the future requirements of the space. Simply put, Helios is smart, sleek and sophisticated

Robust & Practical
A range of robust IP66, IK10 impact resistant LED linear moisture / damp and dust proof luminaires suitable for tough industrial applications from manufacturing, logistics and warehouses to indoor car parks, cold stores, wash-down and service areas. Helios has been designed specifically with low UGR applications in mind. In a point-for-point replacement of traditional or less efficient LED luminaires, the class leading efficacies of Helios (up to 135lm/w) will enable users to make immediate energy savings without having to change their current wiring installation.

Quick and Easy to Install
Designed as “fit and forget” Helios is a sleek and simple solution welcomed by both end users and installers. Impressively light, Helios is through-wired as standard with a simple flip down access to the connector and clip-in sturdy aluminium mounting brackets. The one- part construction and hinged access compartment means there is no risk or need for installers to separate the gear-tray from the diffusers, which can often be awkward to remove and replace without trapping wires or seals and possibly compromising the IP rating of the luminaire. Likewise, in Helios there are no closure clips to be broken or lost.

Flexible for the future
With long lifetimes (L80 @100Khrs) Helios offers the ability to add accessories post-installation with minimal fuss. This is especially interesting for customers who do not opt for controls or sensors at initial installation, but who want the flexibility to easily upgrade their installations retrospectively.

Smart, Sleek & Sophisticated
Clever features which come as standard include a thermal protection circuit, low flicker, pre-fitted cable glands, analogue 1-10v dimming, self-test and separate non-maintained emitters in the emergency versions, all equate to Helios being a sophisticated solution for demanding applications.

A sleek and aesthetically pleasing profile means Helios is a contender for both front and back of house applications creating a seamless look throughout. Helios is available with range of accessories including wireless microwave dimming sensors and DALI adaptors.

For further information on the Helios range please visit: www.nualight.com/products/helios/

Refrigeration & Retail Design News Roundup March 2018

Spring has arrived, and our days are longer and brighter.

Here is March’s refrigeration and retail design news roundup. This month we have some provocative retail predictions for the year ahead, have a look to see what you think, and we examine the benefits of LED for both chilled displays and bakery.

To access the paper click here. Please note that this link expires on 26th April 2018, so make sure to look out for the next one.

New Opportunities: VAR Network Manager

Dynamic, Entrepreneurial, Collaborative – is that you? Do you have what it takes to add value to one of Europe’s leading luminaire design houses?

As the demand at Nualight continues to grow, we have added several vacancies to our website here.

We are currently recruiting for a VAR Network Manager.

The candidate will support Nualight’s Sales activities in the Commercial & Industrial division and be based in the Crawley, United Kingdom office.
The candidate will work within the Nualight Sales team to support the expansion of the VAR (Value Added Reseller) network for a limited line up of high performance, Nualight designed LED luminaires created for the Industrial lighting segment. Reporting to the C&I Manager, the candidate will play a key role in supporting the VAR network expansion throughout Europe in the first stage and in the Middle East and the US in the second stage, offering commercial and technical support to customers.

The full job description can be accessed here JD_VAR Network Manager.

If you are interested in learning more, then please send a CV together with a covering letter to: info@nualight.com.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Does it make sense to switch your refrigeration display lighting to LED?

The retail lighting industry was turned upside down with the introduction of LED. Owners were hesitant to adopt at first as prices were high. Now designers have an established lighting tool for creating exciting and enticing retail experiences, one which offers proven cost reductions and not just on the shop floor.

We see many success stories as retailers and warehouse operators take the plunge and swap or refurbish to LED. We all understand the benefits of LED to retail and we have seen the rewards, however, often overlooked is the impact LED can have on refrigerated display cases. Today LED presents a cost-effective alternative to fluorescent lamps in retailer’s hot, chilled and frozen cases. So, does it make sense to switch to LED within the display case?

LEDs perform better at low temperatures and do not produce radiated heat like their T8/T5 counterparts. This absence of radiated heat helps to extend products shelf life and reduces the loss of perishable goods, while cooler colour temperatures create impressive merchandise displays. LEDs are really helping the ‘closed fridge door’ movement which is sweeping across Europe, aiding energy savings and creating delightful displays.

LEDs for creating impactful merchandising
In refrigeration and freezer display cases, lighting can have a huge impact on the overall feel, influencing the buying experience. Display cases should be a place of colour and contrast. With planned and controlled use of the right light in the case, you can enhance the customer’s journey, draw their eye and encourage them to explore and discover produce in new and exciting ways.

LEDs by their nature are slimmer and can be invisible and discreet within the case, leaving the produce centre stage. They cover a wider range of the colour spectrum, offering excellent CRI and a choice of colour temperatures, allowing products and packaging to be displayed in their true colours. Furthermore, information on packaging labels will not fade as there are no IR and UV wavelengths emitted. Ambient contrast and theatre can be created using LED solutions, as they are extremely directional and uniform, eliminating any spill or waste light onto the floor and surrounding areas. When applied properly they remove dark spots with minimal glare.

LEDs offer a win – win
With LEDs in your display cases you can have it all, increased performance with reduced cost of ownership. The energy savings with LED are outstanding. For example, when replacing fluorescents with Orion horizontal and vertical LED solutions we can achieve up to 90% energy savings, whilst directing the light exactly where it is needed.
LED are instant, even at -30C, so the lights are ready as soon as your customers are, ensuring displays are always alive and inviting. Minimal service and maintenance effort is required due to long operating lifetimes of up to 50,000 hours.

In conclusion the answer is yes, there are many benefits to be gained from switching to LED lighting within your display case. Unfortunately, as LED has become the norm, so too have cheap and poorly designed lighting solutions. Despite using LED, the quality of the light output can negatively impact the buying experience and a poor build quality can quickly lead to escalating maintenance costs. Andrew Cronin, Vice President of Product Research & Development at Nualight details “Good lighting will go a long way to encouraging a sale, bad lighting even with LED can have detrimental consequences.”

To discuss the most cost-effective and impactful LED solution for your refrigerated cases contact our customer service team at cservice@nualight.com.

How to apply LED lighting for brighter and safer indoor car parks?

User safety and security are the keywords for car parks.

Location alone will not attract and retain users to a car park, particularly indoor car parks, where there is an element of entering the unknown. If a user perceives a threat to their personal or vehicle safety, they are unlikely to consider leaving their vehicle there.

Car park operators must satisfy a user’s perceived safety expectations and comply with safety requirements to facilitate the movement of both pedestrians and vehicles.

Click here to download our key considerations for planning your indoor car park lighting.

Download also includes and the right questions to ask when selecting your luminaire.

Looking forward to an exciting 2018 

2017 saw Nualight reaffirm its position as a pioneer of the LED lighting industry.

Highlights of the year include helping clients such as international supermarket chain, Pennymarkt, with their chilled display cases (full case study here) and Combilift with their new 46,000 sq. metre, state of the art production site (see video here). Both brands, at the forefront of their industries, demand the same level of performance from their lighting scheme, as they do in their own business’.

CEO, Peter Mazalon, comments on the past year and what the future holds:

At Nualight, we continue to realise our vision by providing our customers with market leading portfolios that enhance the user experience.  2017 has been a wonderful year where Nualight solutions have helped customers and distributors to create their own efficient and inspiring places.

We have maintained relationships with world leading food retail brands, supporting them as they update and roll out new store concepts. Our solutions ensure their objectives, no matter where they are, be it Europe, Australia or the USA, are achieved with a focus on colour and vibrancy.

The start for the year saw the introduction of new and improved  robust, high performance industrial solutions that achieve excellent ROI, creating safe and comfortable spaces like Handyside car park in London and the Total Produce production facilities.

Looking forward, 2018 promises to be a very exciting year for Nualight, with many projects in the pipeline to cement our position in our two distinct LED lighting business units – refrigerated display case and industrial lighting.

With food retailers and commercial refrigeration case manufacturers in mind, we intend to refine our comprehensive refrigerated display case lighting portfolio.

For the industrial sector, 2018 will see more product innovations, with new ranges on the horizon, ensuring customers always have access to the latest technology and design.

We look forward to optimising our current portfolios and applying them to new and exciting projects.

For further information on Nualight LED Lighting solutions or to find out how we can help you on your new build or refurbishment project, contact us on cservice@nualight.com.

Season’s Greetings and Happy New Year from all at Nualight

Christmas Jumper Day has arrived at the Nualight Cork office, so we thought we would take this opportunity to wish all our customers a jolly festive period and a happy 2018! Its been a great year and we look forward to completing many more projects together.

Today the team in Cork are decked out in their merry Christmas jumpers in aid of the Cork Simon charity.

Cork Simon is a local charity which works in solidarity with men and women who are homeless in Cork, Ireland offering housing and support in their journey back to independent living.

Please note we will be closed from Friday 22nd December until 2nd January – when normal business hours will resume.

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