Q-Park Clerys project impresses at Parking & Property 2017

Parking is an essential element in urban infrastructure. Without well thought out and implemented parking provisions, towns and cities would cease to function. As the number of car owners expands and the premium on land increases, car park operators need to keep up with innovative, smart and cost saving solutions.

On the 8th June Parking and Property 2017 offered both public and private sector car park owners, operators, developers, planners and companies supplying design and equipment services an excellent opportunity to examine the latest thinking in the planning, funding, design, construction, upkeep and day-to-day operation of parking facilities.

The successful one day event, organised by Landor Links, was dedicated to off-street parking, and provided the perfect place for discussion and knowledge-sharing with key industry players.

Dan Lemajic, VAR Network Manager, Nualight, details “It was encouraging to see so many people at the conference who are genuinely passionate about finding innovative methods to enhance car park and property spaces. Whilst attending the presentations, it was clear to see that Nualight lighting solutions can offer the operators the solutions they need in order to achieve their energy saving targets and provide brighter, safer spaces for the end users. It was an interesting day and our recent Q-Park, Clerys project was very well received. The topics, speakers and organisers were great and we are looking forward to next year already.”

To read the Q-Park Clerys case study click here or for more information on the Nualight car park range visit:

Indoor car parks

Outdoor car parks


Arc 2 features in Lux Review’s round up of lighting for rail

In May 2017 Lux held a successful Lighting for Rail Conference in Central London. During the session the general consensus was that clients are becoming increasingly rigorous when it comes to ensuring that they are specified the best products, especially with continued budget tightening in the public sector.

To help Lux Review decided to compile a list of the best new lighting products which can be used on the rail network. We are pleased to announce that Arc 2 features in this round up of lighting for rail along with many of the industry’s top players.
Arc 2 – our range of efficient IP65 high-bay solutions offers many benefits to rail networks. It is ideal for use in industrial and rail applications varying from warehouses and logistic centres to large concourse and platform areas.

Its light weight and long life makes it easy for installation and low maintenance with minimal disruptions. Optional controls provide opportunities for energy saving and control through PIR, Daylight sensors and DALI. Arc 2 from Nualight is available in a range of lengths, wattages and beam profiles providing the optimum solution for the whole network.

Take a look at the Lux Review summary here.

Nualight to attend TransportXtra’s Parking & Property 2017

On the 8th June 2017, Nualight will be attending the seventh Parking & Property event in Hatfields London.

As the only dedicated event to off-street parking, the well-attended conference showcases the latest thinking in the planning, funding, design, construction, upkeep and day-to-day operation of parking facilities.

Known for lively debate and sharing best practice, the day is aimed at both public and private sector car park owners, operators, developers, planners and companies supplying design and equipment services. The event offers a packed schedule of presentations from specialists in car park operation, design, refurbishment and parking technology, including ARUP, Parking Matters and CRB to name a few.

This year the presentations will focus on the way technical innovation and societal trends are changing the relationship between parking, property and retail. Delegates are also encouraged to network and view the latest systems and services during social sessions held in the supporting exhibition.

To find out more or meet our team drop us a line on info@nualight.com.
For further information on Parking and Property 2017 or to register your place visit: http://www.parkingandproperty.co.uk/

Thank you for visiting us at Retail & Food Energy 2017

The Nualight team would like to take the opportunity to thank all our customers and business partners for visiting us at this year’s Retail & Food Energy Forum, on the 18th May 2017. We hope that you had a good time and enjoyed your visit.
The Retail & Food Energy event is a dedicated forum to energy efficiency in retail for energy managers and everyone concerned with energy in retail, in Italy.  The day consisted of a variety of sessions including roundtables, talks and discussions providing a real platform for networking and sharing innovations within the industry.

We certainly enjoyed many inspiring conversations and greatly appreciate your interest in our latest innovative products.
This year we showcased Orion, our LED solution for refrigerated display cases. Orion boasts the latest standards in LED technology – 3SDCM LED chips, delivering industry leading lumens per watt output, significantly reducing energy bills. Other benefits include superior colour rendering, resulting in enhanced vibrant product displays.  The convenience of stocked products furthers the appeal, enabling faster worldwide delivery times.

We have been offering LED refrigeration lighting to grocery retailers worldwide. With our belief of delivering ‘True Brilliance’, we strive to give you the best lighting support, while reducing your carbon footprint and eliminating waste.

In case you didn’t get time to talk to us while you were there, or you missed the event and are interested in energy saving lighting in retail then please contact us at cservice@nualight.com or visit our website at: www.nualight.com for further information.

The art of lighting up the display case

A popular corporate philosophy and mantra often indoctrinated into new starters and emblazoned on corporate literature is “the customer is king”, however, nowhere is it so passionately applied as it is within retail. Customer shopping habits can often dictate everything from the signs in the car park to the instore layout and produce offered. Numerous studies will advise on how best to attract and retain customers, how to influence a purchase and even though retailers would like to employ each of these tactics, a balance must be struck between these ideas and the retailers own financial and environmental targets. An aspect often overlooked which can help with all these factors is lighting and in particular, display lighting.

Once a shopper is in store, how do you then ensure your produce is showcased to the best advantage? 
From general shelving to refrigeration and freezer display cases, lighting can have a huge impact on the overall feel of an environment and influence the buying experience. Nualight, a specialist of refrigeration display lighting and a pioneer of LED has helped many of world’s leading retailers and refrigeration case manufacturers, build or upgrade their cases with efficient, expertly designed, LED lighting solutions and understands the balance that must be achieved.

There are several factors to be to be considered when selecting lighting for refrigeration display cases and over the years Nualight has advised on many fluorescent to LED transitions. Nualight is able to provide solutions from a comprehensive, market leading, competitive and patented portfolio. The portfolio has tiered family ranges to suit all budgets and requirements from Arctic – a family of LED tubes suitable for retrofit to the highly successful Orion and established Perfino ranges. Perfino, has outlasted competition and remains the industry benchmark as the refrigeration display case range which will lift and enhance a wider range colours across the spectrum creating comparably more vibrant and enticing displays.

Lighting as an art.
Nualight believes that display cases can be a place of colour and contrast and a planned and controlled use of the right light in the space can enhance the customers experience encouraging them to explore and discover the produce in new and exciting ways.

Specialist design and engineering to improve the customer experience.
The energy savings with LED are outstanding, e.g. Orion – a range of high performing horizontal and vertical LED solutions with industry leading efficacies of 125lm/W, which when swapped with fluorescent can achieve up to 90% energy savings whilst directing the light exactly where it is needed, thanks to its specially designed optic. Orion is a good example of how it is possible to make energy savings and simultaneously improve the customer’s buying experience with LED.
As LED becomes more common so do cheap and poorly designed lighting solutions. Even though they use LED; the quality of the light output can negatively impact the buying experience and a poor build quality can quickly mean escalating maintenance costs.

Andrew Cronin, Vice President of Product Research & Development at Nualight explains, “In earlier years, we were called upon to help with inefficient, out of date lighting, however, we are now receiving an increasing number of calls from retailers and case manufacturers asking us to help with a previous LED installation which has not performed as expected. It is an unfortunate position to be in for the customer, they will see the initial energy savings that come with LED, however, if the solution is poorly designed or uses inferior components, you will soon start to see a visible degradation of the light quality and you are back to square one.”Andrew continues, “As much as good lighting will go a long way to encouraging a sale, bad lighting even with LED can have a detrimental consequence.”

When used to good effect, lighting can uplift, create enticing displays and enhance the customers experience but how can you tell that it is working?

At Nualight we have found that customers are rarely able to pinpoint when the lighting has been changed. They will pause, feel that something is different, they will notice produce they had not noticed before, they will spend more time instore perusing and exploring, their mood and behaviour will be more calm and relaxed and more open to the retail or brand experience. So even though customers will not explicitly detail that the lighting is doing its job, in a world where “the customer is king” the balancing act of providing a safe, welcoming and bright atmosphere whilst managing your financial and environmental objectives can be a lot easier when you can make informed decisions about your lighting.

Nualight at Retail and Food Energy, Milan, Italy

Nualight are pleased to announce that they will be an Exhibiting Sponsor at Retail & Food Energy 2017, which takes place on 18th May at the Ata Hotel Expo Fiera, Milan, Italy.

Now in its fifth year, the Retail & Food Energy event remains the main dedicated event to energy efficiency in retail for energy managers and everyone concerned with energy in retail, in Italy. It offers a variety of sessions including roundtables, talks and discussions providing the ideal platform for networking and sharing innovations with likeminded contemporaries.

The information packed day will kick off with themes such as LEED and BREEAM protocols for the Energy and Environmental Sustainability of Commercial and Industrial Buildings. Today, energy efficiency and sustainability remain key driving forces behind the development of new products and systems for retail and even more prominently for refrigeration. Retail & Food Energy is Italy’s open forum for addressing these key topics with the industry’s top players providing answers to tomorrow’s questions.

As an industry leader in the field of energy efficient refrigeration lighting solutions, Nualight will be showcasing their latest industry leading solution for refrigerated display cases – Orion. Orion maintains all the quality colour aspects associated with Nualight products, but has been upgraded with the latest standards in LED technology – 3SDCM LED chips. It also boasts further benefits such as excellent colour rendering for more vibrant product displays and the convenience of stocked products, enabling faster worldwide delivery times.

For more information, please visit www.retailenergy.it
Address: Ata Hotel Expo Fiera, Via Giovanni Keplero, 12, 20016 Pero MI, Italia.
Date: 18th May 2017

Orion lights up award winning Kgroup refrigeration units

We are pleased to announce that following a successful presentation at EuroShop 2017, one of our refrigeration partner’s Koxka, has won not one, but four European Product Design Awards. The four designs incorporate our latest refrigeration lighting solution – Orion.

The European Product Design Award recognises the efforts of talented international designers who aim to improve our daily lives with practical, well thought out creations. The process discovers new, innovative and ground-breaking products that can be shared with the world.

The four winning models are from the new generation of the Koxka product, which were recently presented by Kgroup at EuroShop. The winners include, kMultidec RPC which won a gold award while kMultideck PCN, kCounter RPF and kCounter PCS were each awarded silver. Other winners include prestigious brands and designers from various industry sectors.

Orion features in all four winning designs offering unrivalled merchandising impact and industry leading efficiencies which significantly reduce retailer’s energy bills, all adding to the success of this new range of refrigeration units.

Pam Chahal-Harris, Nualight VP Global Marketing & Communications comments, “Nualight would like to congratulate Kgroup on this outstanding achievement. We are proud to have played a part in the award-winning designs. It is very exciting that Orion, our industry leading range in terms of efficacy and performance is working so well within an equally innovative refrigerated display case.”

The awards will be presented in the European Parliament in Brussels in April, to find out more about the awards visit: https://productdesignaward.eu/

For more information on Orion click here or for further information on the Koxka refrigeration units visit: www.koxka.krefrigeration.com/en/.

Nualight solutions at Euroshop 2017

Euroshop covers the many dimensions of the retail experience from store design to merchandising and lighting. Visitors to the exhibition can attend talks and seminars to hear about the latest solutions and trends. Nualight, a pioneer of the LED retail refrigeration lighting market, has been working with refrigerated display case manufacturers to ensure the latest innovations and thinking for LED technologies are present at Euroshop.

Nualight solutions such as Orion, the industry leading range with efficacies up to 120lm/w and Perfino, the established best in class high colour rendering solution, can be found at some of the leading case manufacturers stands throughout the exhibition. Visitors will be able to see the products live and in a variety of cases to determine for themselves the power of good quality lighting which creates vibrant and enticing merchandising displays.

For more information about Nualight solutions at Euroshop, please visit the Halls 15-17 where our products can be found on many of the case manufacturers stands or email marketing@nualight.com to arrange a meeting with a Nualight expert.

Arc 2 reviewed in the latest ‘Value Proposition’ from Lux

Arc 2 has been featured in the latest of the renowned “Value Propositions” series from Lux. A value proposition filters through the selling messages from manufacturers to provide an uncompromising view of the technical and design benefits of a lighting solution. Value propositions follow a format, which benchmarks the luminaire against a comparable and alternative industry solution using Lux verified data.

Arc 2, is a highly efficient and lightweight IP65 LED high bay luminaire range suitable for industrial applications from warehouses and logistic centres to large scale manufacturing plants. The value proposition evaluates Arc 2 within a warehouse retrofit situation. The feature clearly details the improvements between the first-generation Arc, which was one of the first high bay fixtures to shift to a radical new approach in luminaire design and ARC 2, the latest solution with efficiencies of up to 140lm/w and lifetime values of L90 @ 100,000 hours.

Arc 2 is then pitched against a conventional metal halide product, typical of the luminaire type currently installed in industrial applications. In this retrofit example, the differences between the results are even more stark.
Looking at two equivalent scheme designs side-by-side, the following benefits can be realised:

– Only 49 Arc 2 luminaires are required to light the space, compared with 89 metal halides
– A €4732 reduction in capital expenditure
– A much lower connected and installed load
– Annual running costs are reduced by 68%, with further savings acheivable with PIR versions
– Zero lamp and ballast changes required throughout the installations lifetime*

The full value proposition and installation specification* can be found by clicking here.

Revolutionary UK Cash and Carry enhance customer’s shopping experience

The UK Cash and Carry chain Hyperama wholesale are known for revolutionising the UK Cash and Carry market. Unlike many wholesalers, they aim to provide customers with the type of pleasant shopping experience usually associated with traditional retail environments, they work hard to entice customers and attract them with traditional store layouts and pleasing product displays.

To help achieve this mission in their 50,000 sq ft Peterborough store, they decided to turn their attention to their freezer displays. They previously used bulky T8 tubes to light their freezer doors, which was unsuccessful in meeting their requirements. The freezers lacked life and suffered from glaring reflections which distracted from products, dark spots – which hid packaging, high frequency of maintenance – due to damaged tubes and high energy consumption. They tasked Oak Refrigeration, a cool solutions provider with the challenge of providing a solution to overcome these factors, while providing vibrant, eye catching product displays.

There are several areas to focus on when lighting a freezer cabinet.
– Uniform and glare free lighting, to reduce dark spots and present products clearly without distraction.
– High CRI and light output to inject life into product colours, enhancing visual appeal.
– As LED offers, many of these features and performs well in cooler temperatures, switching to LED provided the ideal solution for the chain.

Working with Nualight, Oak Refrigeration refurbished all the freezer doors with the new industry leading Orion fitting. Luke Collins, Oak Refrigeration Director, explains, “Hyperama had tried various other LED products before, which were tested in the chilled and frozen sections, however following perception tests and management reviews the Orion solution gave far superior results.”

“Now Hyperama’s freezers pop with vibrant colours, which adds to their customers shopping experience and they are also saving energy. The switch from fluorescent to Orion has yielded a 62% energy saving, they are also reducing their carbon footprint by two tonnes of carbon per year, all with a ROI of two years.”

To find out more about Hyperama’s achievements read the full case study here.