Orion lights up award winning Kgroup refrigeration units

We are pleased to announce that following a successful presentation at EuroShop 2017, one of our refrigeration partner’s Koxka, has won not one, but four European Product Design Awards. The four designs incorporate our latest refrigeration lighting solution – Orion.

The European Product Design Award recognises the efforts of talented international designers who aim to improve our daily lives with practical, well thought out creations. The process discovers new, innovative and ground-breaking products that can be shared with the world.

The four winning models are from the new generation of the Koxka product, which were recently presented by Kgroup at EuroShop. The winners include, kMultidec RPC which won a gold award while kMultideck PCN, kCounter RPF and kCounter PCS were each awarded silver. Other winners include prestigious brands and designers from various industry sectors.

Orion features in all four winning designs offering unrivalled merchandising impact and industry leading efficiencies which significantly reduce retailer’s energy bills, all adding to the success of this new range of refrigeration units.

Pam Chahal-Harris, Nualight VP Global Marketing & Communications comments, “Nualight would like to congratulate Kgroup on this outstanding achievement. We are proud to have played a part in the award-winning designs. It is very exciting that Orion, our industry leading range in terms of efficacy and performance is working so well within an equally innovative refrigerated display case.”

The awards will be presented in the European Parliament in Brussels in April, to find out more about the awards visit: https://productdesignaward.eu/

For more information on Orion click here or for further information on the Koxka refrigeration units visit: www.koxka.krefrigeration.com/en/.

Nualight solutions at Euroshop 2017

Euroshop covers the many dimensions of the retail experience from store design to merchandising and lighting. Visitors to the exhibition can attend talks and seminars to hear about the latest solutions and trends. Nualight, a pioneer of the LED retail refrigeration lighting market, has been working with refrigerated display case manufacturers to ensure the latest innovations and thinking for LED technologies are present at Euroshop.

Nualight solutions such as Orion, the industry leading range with efficacies up to 120lm/w and Perfino, the established best in class high colour rendering solution, can be found at some of the leading case manufacturers stands throughout the exhibition. Visitors will be able to see the products live and in a variety of cases to determine for themselves the power of good quality lighting which creates vibrant and enticing merchandising displays.

For more information about Nualight solutions at Euroshop, please visit the Halls 15-17 where our products can be found on many of the case manufacturers stands or email marketing@nualight.com to arrange a meeting with a Nualight expert.

Arc 2 reviewed in the latest ‘Value Proposition’ from Lux

Arc 2 has been featured in the latest of the renowned “Value Propositions” series from Lux. A value proposition filters through the selling messages from manufacturers to provide an uncompromising view of the technical and design benefits of a lighting solution. Value propositions follow a format, which benchmarks the luminaire against a comparable and alternative industry solution using Lux verified data.

Arc 2, is a highly efficient and lightweight IP65 LED high bay luminaire range suitable for industrial applications from warehouses and logistic centres to large scale manufacturing plants. The value proposition evaluates Arc 2 within a warehouse retrofit situation. The feature clearly details the improvements between the first-generation Arc, which was one of the first high bay fixtures to shift to a radical new approach in luminaire design and ARC 2, the latest solution with efficiencies of up to 140lm/w and lifetime values of L90 @ 100,000 hours.

Arc 2 is then pitched against a conventional metal halide product, typical of the luminaire type currently installed in industrial applications. In this retrofit example, the differences between the results are even more stark.
Looking at two equivalent scheme designs side-by-side, the following benefits can be realised:

– Only 49 Arc 2 luminaires are required to light the space, compared with 89 metal halides
– A €4732 reduction in capital expenditure
– A much lower connected and installed load
– Annual running costs are reduced by 68%, with further savings acheivable with PIR versions
– Zero lamp and ballast changes required throughout the installations lifetime*

The full value proposition and installation specification* can be found by clicking here.

Revolutionary UK Cash and Carry enhance customer’s shopping experience

The UK Cash and Carry chain Hyperama wholesale are known for revolutionising the UK Cash and Carry market. Unlike many wholesalers, they aim to provide customers with the type of pleasant shopping experience usually associated with traditional retail environments, they work hard to entice customers and attract them with traditional store layouts and pleasing product displays.

To help achieve this mission in their 50,000 sq ft Peterborough store, they decided to turn their attention to their freezer displays. They previously used bulky T8 tubes to light their freezer doors, which was unsuccessful in meeting their requirements. The freezers lacked life and suffered from glaring reflections which distracted from products, dark spots – which hid packaging, high frequency of maintenance – due to damaged tubes and high energy consumption. They tasked Oak Refrigeration, a cool solutions provider with the challenge of providing a solution to overcome these factors, while providing vibrant, eye catching product displays.

There are several areas to focus on when lighting a freezer cabinet.
– Uniform and glare free lighting, to reduce dark spots and present products clearly without distraction.
– High CRI and light output to inject life into product colours, enhancing visual appeal.
– As LED offers, many of these features and performs well in cooler temperatures, switching to LED provided the ideal solution for the chain.

Working with Nualight, Oak Refrigeration refurbished all the freezer doors with the new industry leading Orion fitting. Luke Collins, Oak Refrigeration Director, explains, “Hyperama had tried various other LED products before, which were tested in the chilled and frozen sections, however following perception tests and management reviews the Orion solution gave far superior results.”

“Now Hyperama’s freezers pop with vibrant colours, which adds to their customers shopping experience and they are also saving energy. The switch from fluorescent to Orion has yielded a 62% energy saving, they are also reducing their carbon footprint by two tonnes of carbon per year, all with a ROI of two years.”

To find out more about Hyperama’s achievements read the full case study here.

Brighter, Safer Parking with Nualight

The lighting industry has witnessed a rapid rate of technological advancements over the last decade. There are now viable alternatives to outdated, inefficient and energy hungry lighting solutions for parking facilities. Nualight has built extensive expertise across several segments in the car park industry, bringing a broad understanding of the business drivers for successful lighting in covered car parks.

Overall, LED solutions are approximately 40% to 60% more efficient than florescent and metal halide lighting technologies, giving facility managers a great opportunity for easy savings. It is understandable that energy is the number one instigator for the switch to LED. However, this thinking can lead to the other benefits and associated cost savings LED can bring being overlooked. LED also delivers improved colour rendering, longer lifetimes, increased stability in performance and lower maintenance costs. Which means, no down time for maintenance, brighter, comfortable and reliable lighting.

In two recent Nualight projects the switch to LED has yielded energy savings of up to 82%, Nualight has also seen more managers appreciating the additional benefits. David Vavasour, Technical Services Manager, Q-Park Ireland details the results for a Titan installation at Q-Park Clerys multi-storey car park in Dublin, “As a result of the upgrade, we have enhanced our customer experience. Our lux levels have increased, we have improved colour rendering and uniformity which helps with CCTV and facial recognition and creates a brighter, secure and comfortable parking environment, while also meeting standards for emergency lighting.”

Likewise, in a collaboration with parking consultants, Parking Matters at a refurbishment of a 24-hour residential and commercial car park in Manchester, Keith Williams, Associate Director, explains some of the other benefits of LED “The switch to LED produced further benefits for this project. LED is more reliable and isn’t affected by changes in temperature.  Not only does our client gain from the energy savings but they also see a reduction in maintenance costs, no more changes of fluorescent tubes! This also adds to the safety element, as LED provides continuous light. We would recommend this type of refurbishment to other car park owners as the installation has met the objectives and the quality of the product and the installation service are both very high.”

Nualight have invested their LED experience into developing lighting solutions specifically aimed at today’s energy intensive environments such as car parks.

Titan, from Nualight incorporates an optical design which produces uniform light with low glare, suitable for underground and multi-story parking structures. The range integrates DALI controls as standard, making it a cost-effective and easy to implement lighting control option. Due to its easy rapid installation, Titan is suitable for both retrofits and refurbishment projects.

To read the full Q-Park or Manchester case studies or for more information on the Titan range visit www.nualight.com .

Q-Park Ireland achieve energy efficiency targets with Titan and Controls

Q-Park recently launched an energy efficiency programme with the aim of reducing their energy bills and carbon footprint. The Q-Park Clerys location was chosen as the first car park for the new initiative.

Having worked with Nualight on past projects, David Vavasour, Technical Services Manager, Q-Park Ireland chose to call in the LED lighting specialist to help achieve their energy target. David describes, “I have used Nualight on previous projects. I know their luminaires are reliable, energy efficient and offer very good performance in terms of light output combined with a high lumen per watt, so they were my first point of contact to help with this project. Previously we had standard PIR controls switching the lights on / off. The team at Nualight recommended we take our controls further to yield the full benefits of LED.”

The new Titan lighting installation for Q-Park resulted in an outstanding annual reduction of 35-40% on their energy bills, David elaborates, “Because of the upgrade, we have enhanced our customer experience. Our lux levels have increased, we have improved colour rendering and uniformity which helps with CCTV and facial recognition and creates a brighter, secure and comfortable parking environment, while also meeting standards for emergency lighting. However, the main thing is that we have realised our objective and seen a decrease in our energy bills of between 35-40%. This equates to a reduction of 62 tonnes a year in carbon emissions.”

To read the full project story please click here.

Arc 2 – The powerfully efficient, lightweight and progressive LED high bay

Nualight once again uses the discernible curved design and latest LED technology to launch Arc 2, a highly efficient and lightweight IP65 LED high bay luminaire range suitable for industrial applications from warehouses and logistic centres to large scale manufacturing plants.

Within the last decade, LED has revolutionised lighting in industry. Prior to that clunky, noisy, inefficient and costly installations were the norm. Nualight who had already pioneered the use of LED within the retail environment recognised their customers’ frustration when they could not transport the benefits they had realised from within the store to their own warehouses and manufacturing plants. The response was the original Arc range.

Arc was the contradiction to conventional lighting at the time. Not only did it break the “box” mould for high bays but at its launch it was efficient, noticeably lighter and offered a variety of optics and controls options allowing customers to optimise their tired installations with first generation LED.

Progress through revolution not evolution
Arc 2 may look like the original Arc but due to the nature of Nualight design engineers and the relentless pursuit to challenge the status quo, Nualight re-evaluated and scrutinised every detail and component to ensure the solution that customers received was true brilliance.

The Power of the Curve
No part was left unchallenged, including the original curved body, however as Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton once said, “In life, as in art, the beautiful moves in curves”, and it certainly does within Arc 2. The unique curved design together with precision optics and thermal engineering culminates in a safe, robust, energy saving high bay solution with efficacies up to 140lm/W and exceptionally long rated lifetimes up to 100,000 hours increasing ROI and minimising maintenance cycles.

Powerfully efficient, lightweight and progressive
With a change of materials and half the number of components compared to its predecessor, complexity within the luminaire has been reduced, making it one of the lightest solutions available. The lightweight solution further reduces on-site installation, shipping and handling costs by negating the need for surplus manpower or machinery to manoeuvre fittings.

The optical design, wide and aisle beam profiles ensures that the light is directed exactly to where it is needed, providing a highly comfortable and glare free environment. (UGR <22 in accordance with EN12464-1.)

Optional PIR, Daylight sensors and DALI controls provide further opportunities for up to 30% energy saving. Arc 2 from Nualight is available in a range of lengths, wattages and beam profiles. Additional accessories include a wire guard, suspension kit and adjustable bracket.

For further information on the Arc 2 range please click here.

Arctic – Specialist LED tube for refrigeration and low temperatures

Building on the successful launch of Orion, refrigeration lighting pioneers Nualight, whose customers include retail giants such as Sainsbury, Co-op, Tesco and Prodega, have now launched a range of LED tubes aimed squarely at the entry level LED and retrofit market.

Arctic as the names suggests, is a specialist LED solution suitable for refrigeration and low temperature applications but you can be equally confident that the lighting will perform just as well when used as a direct replacement for fluorescent lamps outside of colder environments due to its impressive operating temperature range from -25°C to +35°C.

Whilst LED is more competitive than ever and there is a broad understanding of the potentials for high energy savings and long lifetimes, external commercial factors can still mean that a complete new LED installation or changeover is not right for everyone. This is where Arctic can fill the gap and provide the first step on the energy saving ladder, without the need to rewire or rework a current installation.

Specialist solution for refrigeration and low temperature applications.

With light output at 125lm/W, Arctic can save up to 80% energy and can be easily installed into refrigeration and freezer cases, whilst often improving the lighting effect and user experience. Traditional fluorescents do not perform well at low temperatures, as the temperature decreases, both the light output and the life of the lamp can decrease significantly. Fluorescents also generate more heat in their environment than LED, which is especially counter-productive within a refrigeration case. This negatively impacts the case manufacturers who are then forced engineer further systems within to balance the heat but often it is the end customer who must cover the cost through higher energy bills and maintenance. Overall, an inefficient non-LED display case can cost the customer more in the longer term than is necessary with LED.

Energy savings are not the only benefit with LED.

Within its design, Arctic embodies the vibrant, visually colour rich and enticing displays customers have become accustomed to from Nualight solutions.

“With Orion, we were able to offer our OEM and retail partners with a price competitive and industry leading LED luminaire solution which complemented our existing and more premium Pure and Perfino ranges. Now with Arctic, we have a range specifically designed for facility managers, installers, shopfitters and electricians who need a specialist LED lamp solution from stock to integrate into existing or even new build installations.” says David Dawkins, SVP Sales and Marketing. “This means as Nualight we can cover all requirements and all budgets, whether it is a refurbishment project, a new case build, retrofit or bespoke, we are confident that there is a Nualight designed solution for each situation.”

Key Benefits:
• Especially suitable for refrigeration and low temperature applications – from -25°C to +35°C
• Easy installation and no rewiring needed as Arctic is ideal for retrofits and linear fluorescent conversions with up to 80% energy saving – 125lm/W
• High impact and enticing product displays from a high CRI solution providing a comfortable, homogeneous and flicker free lighting experience
• Replacement cycles are reduced due to exceptionally long rated lifetime of 40,000 hours

For further information on the Arctic range please click here.

Brighter, safer parking with Titan low-bay installation

Imagine finishing work late and walking into a deserted car park when everyone else has left or jumping in to the car for a last-minute pop to the shops after dark. It makes perfect sense that the lighter the car park is the safer you will feel.

Residents of one of Manchester’s popular developments now enjoy safer, brighter parking after Parking Matters – a specialist consultancy, worked with landlords to help improve energy efficiency and safety. Set in a fantastic location close to universities and train stations the development is serviced by a 24 hour, 10 floor, multi-storey car park.

The car park was fast approaching 15 years old, and was still fitted with the original, inefficient lighting. The old fittings were proving to be costly to operate and maintain, producing poor lighting levels, which resulted in a gloomy dark environment.

Titan, an LED low bay solution from Nualight, was chosen to increase light levels and decrease energy consumption. The previous fluorescent fittings were consuming 302 MW-h, installing over 200 Titan fittings, throughout the car park and stair wells, has reduced power consumption by 82% to 54 MW-h.

Furthermore, over 25% of the old luminaires were not operating, they were dim and yellow, resulting in poor overall lighting levels and uniformity.  The LED refurbishment offers a vastly more reliable and stable lighting system giving greater and more consistent customer comfort at the same time reducing maintenance bills.

To read the full project story please click here.

Chillventa 2016 Review

Chillventa 2016 cemented itself as the go-to exhibition in Germany for the HVACR industry where topics such as energy efficiency and sustainability were discussed at length in the forums whilst manufacturers including Nualight showcased the latest solutions and innovations.

Nualight were very pleased to have been hosted by HAWCO in Hall 7A-624 at the exhibition which ran from the 11th -13th October 2016. As a specialist lighting company, who has pioneered LED lighting within the commercial refrigeration industry, Nualight exhibited the latest industry leading solution for refrigerated display cases – Orion.

The Orion range maintains all the quality colour aspects associated with Nualight products, but has been upgraded with the latest standards in LED technology – 3SDCM LED chips, plus boasts the added convenience of stocked products, which allows for faster worldwide delivery times.

Dave Dawkins, SVP Group Sales & Marketing at Nualight comments, “We were confident going to Chillventa that we had the right product at the right positioning for the commercial refrigeration industry with Orion and it was therefore very positive to hear this from our customers directly. The backdrop of Chillventa also provided the perfect opportunity to learn more about our customers challenges, not only when it comes to lighting, but across the whole chain. In that instance, it is great to be hosted by established distributors HAWCO who are then able to use Nualight solutions to provide a full package to the customers for their specific needs whether it is new build or retrofit.”

To view the Nualight high performance LED lighting range for commercial refrigeration, please click here or alternatively download the Orion brochure.

Hawco Limited is one of the UK’s leading distributors of specialist component parts, spares and accessories to the refrigeration, air conditioning, heating, electrical and control sectors, and a key Nualight distribution partner. For more information about Nualight solutions at HAWCO, please click here.