Q-Park Ireland achieve energy efficiency targets with Titan and Controls

Q-Park recently launched an energy efficiency programme with the aim of reducing their energy bills and carbon footprint. The Q-Park Clerys location was chosen as the first car park for the new initiative.

Having worked with Nualight on past projects, David Vavasour, Technical Services Manager, Q-Park Ireland chose to call in the LED lighting specialist to help achieve their energy target. David describes, “I have used Nualight on previous projects. I know their luminaires are reliable, energy efficient and offer very good performance in terms of light output combined with a high lumen per watt, so they were my first point of contact to help with this project. Previously we had standard PIR controls switching the lights on / off. The team at Nualight recommended we take our controls further to yield the full benefits of LED.”

The new Titan lighting installation for Q-Park resulted in an outstanding annual reduction of 35-40% on their energy bills, David elaborates, “Because of the upgrade, we have enhanced our customer experience. Our lux levels have increased, we have improved colour rendering and uniformity which helps with CCTV and facial recognition and creates a brighter, secure and comfortable parking environment, while also meeting standards for emergency lighting. However, the main thing is that we have realised our objective and seen a decrease in our energy bills of between 35-40%. This equates to a reduction of 62 tonnes a year in carbon emissions.”

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