Revolutionary UK Cash and Carry enhance customer’s shopping experience

The UK Cash and Carry chain Hyperama wholesale are known for revolutionising the UK Cash and Carry market. Unlike many wholesalers, they aim to provide customers with the type of pleasant shopping experience usually associated with traditional retail environments, they work hard to entice customers and attract them with traditional store layouts and pleasing product displays.

To help achieve this mission in their 50,000 sq ft Peterborough store, they decided to turn their attention to their freezer displays. They previously used bulky T8 tubes to light their freezer doors, which was unsuccessful in meeting their requirements. The freezers lacked life and suffered from glaring reflections which distracted from products, dark spots – which hid packaging, high frequency of maintenance – due to damaged tubes and high energy consumption. They tasked Oak Refrigeration, a cool solutions provider with the challenge of providing a solution to overcome these factors, while providing vibrant, eye catching product displays.

There are several areas to focus on when lighting a freezer cabinet.
– Uniform and glare free lighting, to reduce dark spots and present products clearly without distraction.
– High CRI and light output to inject life into product colours, enhancing visual appeal.
– As LED offers, many of these features and performs well in cooler temperatures, switching to LED provided the ideal solution for the chain.

Working with Nualight, Oak Refrigeration refurbished all the freezer doors with the new industry leading Orion fitting. Luke Collins, Oak Refrigeration Director, explains, “Hyperama had tried various other LED products before, which were tested in the chilled and frozen sections, however following perception tests and management reviews the Orion solution gave far superior results.”

“Now Hyperama’s freezers pop with vibrant colours, which adds to their customers shopping experience and they are also saving energy. The switch from fluorescent to Orion has yielded a 62% energy saving, they are also reducing their carbon footprint by two tonnes of carbon per year, all with a ROI of two years.”

To find out more about Hyperama’s achievements read the full case study here.