Arctic – Specialist LED tube for refrigeration and low temperatures

Building on the successful launch of Orion, refrigeration lighting pioneers Nualight, whose customers include retail giants such as Sainsbury, Co-op, Tesco and Prodega, have now launched a range of LED tubes aimed squarely at the entry level LED and retrofit market.

Arctic as the names suggests, is a specialist LED solution suitable for refrigeration and low temperature applications but you can be equally confident that the lighting will perform just as well when used as a direct replacement for fluorescent lamps outside of colder environments due to its impressive operating temperature range from -25°C to +35°C.

Whilst LED is more competitive than ever and there is a broad understanding of the potentials for high energy savings and long lifetimes, external commercial factors can still mean that a complete new LED installation or changeover is not right for everyone. This is where Arctic can fill the gap and provide the first step on the energy saving ladder, without the need to rewire or rework a current installation.

Specialist solution for refrigeration and low temperature applications.

With light output at 125lm/W, Arctic can save up to 80% energy and can be easily installed into refrigeration and freezer cases, whilst often improving the lighting effect and user experience. Traditional fluorescents do not perform well at low temperatures, as the temperature decreases, both the light output and the life of the lamp can decrease significantly. Fluorescents also generate more heat in their environment than LED, which is especially counter-productive within a refrigeration case. This negatively impacts the case manufacturers who are then forced engineer further systems within to balance the heat but often it is the end customer who must cover the cost through higher energy bills and maintenance. Overall, an inefficient non-LED display case can cost the customer more in the longer term than is necessary with LED.

Energy savings are not the only benefit with LED.

Within its design, Arctic embodies the vibrant, visually colour rich and enticing displays customers have become accustomed to from Nualight solutions.

“With Orion, we were able to offer our OEM and retail partners with a price competitive and industry leading LED luminaire solution which complemented our existing and more premium Pure and Perfino ranges. Now with Arctic, we have a range specifically designed for facility managers, installers, shopfitters and electricians who need a specialist LED lamp solution from stock to integrate into existing or even new build installations.” says David Dawkins, SVP Sales and Marketing. “This means as Nualight we can cover all requirements and all budgets, whether it is a refurbishment project, a new case build, retrofit or bespoke, we are confident that there is a Nualight designed solution for each situation.”

Key Benefits:
• Especially suitable for refrigeration and low temperature applications – from -25°C to +35°C
• Easy installation and no rewiring needed as Arctic is ideal for retrofits and linear fluorescent conversions with up to 80% energy saving – 125lm/W
• High impact and enticing product displays from a high CRI solution providing a comfortable, homogeneous and flicker free lighting experience
• Replacement cycles are reduced due to exceptionally long rated lifetime of 40,000 hours

For further information on the Arctic range please click here.

Brighter, safer parking with Titan low-bay installation

Imagine finishing work late and walking into a deserted car park when everyone else has left or jumping in to the car for a last-minute pop to the shops after dark. It makes perfect sense that the lighter the car park is the safer you will feel.

Residents of one of Manchester’s popular developments now enjoy safer, brighter parking after Parking Matters – a specialist consultancy, worked with landlords to help improve energy efficiency and safety. Set in a fantastic location close to universities and train stations the development is serviced by a 24 hour, 10 floor, multi-storey car park.

The car park was fast approaching 15 years old, and was still fitted with the original, inefficient lighting. The old fittings were proving to be costly to operate and maintain, producing poor lighting levels, which resulted in a gloomy dark environment.

Titan, an LED low bay solution from Nualight, was chosen to increase light levels and decrease energy consumption. The previous fluorescent fittings were consuming 302 MW-h, installing over 200 Titan fittings, throughout the car park and stair wells, has reduced power consumption by 82% to 54 MW-h.

Furthermore, over 25% of the old luminaires were not operating, they were dim and yellow, resulting in poor overall lighting levels and uniformity.  The LED refurbishment offers a vastly more reliable and stable lighting system giving greater and more consistent customer comfort at the same time reducing maintenance bills.

To read the full project story please click here.

Chillventa 2016 Review

Chillventa 2016 cemented itself as the go-to exhibition in Germany for the HVACR industry where topics such as energy efficiency and sustainability were discussed at length in the forums whilst manufacturers including Nualight showcased the latest solutions and innovations.

Nualight were very pleased to have been hosted by HAWCO in Hall 7A-624 at the exhibition which ran from the 11th -13th October 2016. As a specialist lighting company, who has pioneered LED lighting within the commercial refrigeration industry, Nualight exhibited the latest industry leading solution for refrigerated display cases – Orion.

The Orion range maintains all the quality colour aspects associated with Nualight products, but has been upgraded with the latest standards in LED technology – 3SDCM LED chips, plus boasts the added convenience of stocked products, which allows for faster worldwide delivery times.

Dave Dawkins, SVP Group Sales & Marketing at Nualight comments, “We were confident going to Chillventa that we had the right product at the right positioning for the commercial refrigeration industry with Orion and it was therefore very positive to hear this from our customers directly. The backdrop of Chillventa also provided the perfect opportunity to learn more about our customers challenges, not only when it comes to lighting, but across the whole chain. In that instance, it is great to be hosted by established distributors HAWCO who are then able to use Nualight solutions to provide a full package to the customers for their specific needs whether it is new build or retrofit.”

To view the Nualight high performance LED lighting range for commercial refrigeration, please click here or alternatively download the Orion brochure.

Hawco Limited is one of the UK’s leading distributors of specialist component parts, spares and accessories to the refrigeration, air conditioning, heating, electrical and control sectors, and a key Nualight distribution partner. For more information about Nualight solutions at HAWCO, please click here.

Come and join Nualight on the Hawco stand at Chillventa 2016

On the 11th – 13th October 2016 Nualight will be hosted on the Hawco Stand 624, Hall 7A at Chillventa 2016. Hawco Limited is one of the UK’s leading distributors of specialist component parts, spares and accessories to the refrigeration, air conditioning, heating, electrical and control sectors, and a key Nualight distribution partner.

Energy efficiency and sustainability remain the driving forces behind the development of new products and systems for refrigeration and Chillventa is the exhibition of choice for addressing these key topics with the industry’s top players providing answers to tomorrow’s questions today.

Nualight will be showcasing their latest industry leading solution for refrigerated display cases – Orion. Orion maintains all the quality colour aspects associated with Nualight products, but has been upgraded with the latest standards in LED technology – 3SDCM LED chips, plus boasts the added convenience of stocked products, which allows for faster worldwide delivery times.

Mark Stratford, Head of Customer Programme & Project Realisation at Nualight comments, “These are exciting times, Orion is a recent launch, so having the opportunity to present at Chillventa alongside Hawco, a key partner, is excellent for us. The feedback we have received from customers so far has been great. The fact that Orion is a much simpler range, available from stock with a five year warranty has helped to fulfil customers immediate requests for both retrofit and new build projects, however actually being able to gauge their reactions live at Chillventa will be invaluable.”

To view the Nualight high performance LED lighting range for commercial refrigeration, available from Hawco, please click here.

For more information on the Chillventa 2016 event visit

Titan gets top marks from Lux Review!

Lux, a well known leading independent voice in the professional lighting industry recently awarded Nualight’s Titan solution four stars in a review against the competition.
The review looks at the many solutions available from a variety of suppliers and provides an independent view on the construction, technical factors and performance of the fitting. Nualight’s Titan not only received a glowing report but it also leads the industry with 138 lm/w for lumen efficacy.
Titan was custom designed for underground and multi-story parking structures but is also suitable for multiple storage and industrial applications. It has been optically designed for very smooth lighting with low glare. Titan integrates DALI as standard, making it cost-effective and easy to implement smart lighting control. Titan is robust, vandal resistant and water proof. Due to its very rapid installation, Titan is suitable for both retrofits and refurbishment projects with one of the world’s coolest car parks: Q-Park, Sheffield, UK using Titan with Dalipark controls. Click here to view the Q-Park case study.The full Lux review can be accessed from here.

Nualight announces sale of Lumotech’s LED driver business to Fulham Company

Nualight, a specialist LED lighting technology company has reached an agreement to sell certain assets from Lumotech, its driver and motion detector business to California, USA based company, Fulham. With its acquisition, Fulham will add that product portfolio to their existing range of LED drivers, modules, engines and further lighting solutions. Fulham will also strengthen its European presence through Lumotech’s existing sales channels, bringing new sustainable lighting solutions to global OEMs and distributors. The sale is expected to complete on July 01, 2016. The terms of the transaction remain confidential.

“We are delighted to have found an ideal partner in Fulham who already has a strong focus towards intelligent lighting components and can now draw upon the technological expertise of Lumotech as the industry continues to innovate. Nualight will help support the transition process and work towards a smooth handover for our customers. As Nualight, we continue to make strategic changes, in which our clear focus is to further develop our core LED lighting business in our specialist areas.” said Peter Mazalon, Nualight CEO.

Launch of Orion. The industry leading solution for refrigerated cases

Refrigeration lighting pioneers Nualight, known for completing some of Europe’s largest LED retrofits for supermarket chains such as Tesco and Spar, are back with a brand new performance driven, price competitive range of horizontal and vertical LED refrigeration lights.

Having worked with display case manufacturers, installers and retailers, Nualight have explored customer feedback, and combined it with the advances in LED technology, their result is the Orion range. Orion maintains all the quality colour aspects associated with Nualight products, but has been upgraded with the latest standards in LED technology – 3SDCM LED chips, plus boasts the added convenience of stocked products, which allows for faster worldwide delivery times.

With the strap line – ‘On time. Easily integrated. Industry leading solution’, Orion certainly ticks all those boxes, Andrew Cronin, Vice President of Product Research & Development provides some insight, “Orion is the best product Nualight has ever designed, there is huge pride and passion behind bringing this range to the market. We went back to the beginning and re-evaluated everything we have ever done. Never before have we obsessed so much on a product design, and we are now proud to launch a product that is uncompromising in delivering the latest in LED and optical technology, to deliver vibrant and uniform merchandising solutions. Combined with exceptional customer service and market leading lead times, there really is no other choice in the market.”

Industry leading efficacies of up to 120 lm/w combined with a long 50,000-hour lifetime results in exceptionally low cost of ownership and quick payback. Orion presents an excellent alternative to fluorescents at a comparable cost. Furthermore, you can be confident to receive a solution that remains true to the Nualight design DNA prevalent in its predecessors, providing high colour impact as standard and is available in a range of lengths and colour temperatures with cables, brackets and covers options to fulfil all every merchandising and retail display need.

The known and much appreciated Nualight user experience is enhanced with Orion. The true colours of high margin produce such as meat, fish and cheese remain rich and enticing. True science and brilliance has been applied to provide a simple yet comprehensive range negating the need for centres, ends or specific meat or fish luminaires.

Orion is a leading solution from the leading supplier of refrigeration display case lighting. With its best in class features, Orion, sets a new benchmark in the industry. Nualight is selected and trusted by grocery retailers, display case manufacturers and distributors across the world. Orion, really has been designed to deliver.

For further information on the Orion range please visit:

Nualight appoints Peter Mazalon as CEO of the Nualight Group

Lighting industry veteran Peter Mazalon has been appointed CEO of the Nualight Group as the Irish LED lighting specialist looks to return to growth as a global lighting technology company, it has been announced.

With over 25 years of international business experience in senior business roles across both global corporations and SMEs, Mazalon brings an established track-record of working within the lighting industry around the globe in a multitude of roles.

He succeeds Shaun Gray who oversaw the restructuring of the company after a number of years of rapid growth which had left the business with an inefficient and ineffective supply chain which was hampering further growth. Gray has resigned and is looking to pursue new opportunities in the technology sector where he gained the majority of his previous business experience.

Per Langholz, Nualight Chairman, said he welcomed the newest addition to the Nualight Group’s executive team. “As a company we are working hard to exploit the secure and solid foundations we have established in recent times with a view to driving future growth and profitability. Peter’s lighting industry track-record and expertise in business management will facilitate this,” he said.

“As we continue to grow globally and drive expansion into new market segments, his profile and industry experience fits extremely well with the Group’s future vision. We look forward to working with Peter in his new role and driving Nualight’s progress on as an organisation.”

Mazalon started his lighting career with fixture manufacture, Thorn where he held a number of positions in Marketing and Sales. A particular highlight of his time with the company was the responsibility of winning the multi million Euro Lighting Systems and Airfield Lighting contracts for the Hong Kong airport in the mid-1990s.

Subsequently, he joined Sylvania Lighting International where he spent 14 years in a variety of senior roles from Marketing, Territory Management and main board experience where he was responsible for the luminaire businesses. In that period Mazalon was extensively involved with the repositioning of the Sylvania business portfolio including working at senior level with Europe’s largest DIY retailers.

Most recently, in conjunction with private equity funding he acquired Channel Safety Systems group which was transformed into a broader market player. The business within 4 years became a leading player in the LED emergency lighting space in the UK Electrical Distribution market. The business increased its EBITDA annually which was more than trebled over a four year period. The business was recently successfully sold to a trade buyer.

Nualight appoints David Dawkins as VP Global Sales and Marketing

Dawkins will drive ongoing global expansion at the specialist LED lighting technology company through the sales and marketing functions.  His focus will be to accelerate Nualight’s growth in the retail sector as a full store specialist, whilst also overseeing the next phase of development by defining go-to-market strategies in new channels with new product solutions.

With over 20 years’ experience in the lighting sector, Dawkins has a track record of delivering rapid revenue growth by channel / sector management and innovative product design. With a formal education in electrical engineering, he moved into sales and marketing before holding senior and board positions at Philips, Cooper Industries and Sylvania culminating in him leading the MBO of JCC lighting in 2008.

Having developed a number of award winning products and the holder of several patents, Dawkins has developed a track-record of pushing the boundaries of lighting technology to give elegant but also efficient solutions to the end client.

He joins Nualight in 2015 having most recently managed a UK subsidiary of ABB.