Hi-tech assembly plant switches to LED and improves light quality while saving on costs

Nualight worked with ILUX Lighting, of the Constellation Lighting Group, to deliver an LED lighting scheme for SEW-Eurodrive’s UK Headquarters in Normanton, saving approx. £18,000 per year on energy costs.


SEW-Eurodrive is a market leader in drivetrain and motor engineering, with a presence across five continents and over 16,000 employees. Constellation Lighting were commissioned to replace the existing T5 fluorescent lighting in the assembly plant of their recently built UK headquarters.


Dan Blair, Director of ILUX, outlines the project’s goals;

When the Assembly Plant was built, it was fitted with T5 fluorescent lighting which was soon proving inefficient and expensive to maintain. Switching to LED lighting was a no-brainer, with huge cost savings on energy bills and a short payback time.”


To meet these requirements Nualight supplied 198 Arc 2 high bay luminaires, which offer high efficiency and excellent light quality.


Dan explains, “The Nualight Arc 2 was the best solution, providing excellent performance and delivering even, high quality lighting to the whole room. The products utilise a DALI control system, so they can be dimmed on sunny days and switched off in times of no activity, further saving on energy use.


The resulting outcome, in terms of both performance and cost-saving, has been well received by SEW-Eurodrive. Martin Walsh, Works Manager for SEW-Eurodrive, says;

“We are very pleased with the LED installation, both internally and externally throughout our site undertaken by ILUX. Their installation team were on site over a number of weeks, working around our day to day operations, without any disruption to our processes. The installation has realized the expected significant operating and maintenance cost benefits, versus our originally installed lighting, and the improved quality of light has made a significant improvement to the workplace environment for all our employees.”


For more information on the Arc2 range click here

Five top tips for creating enticing fresh produce displays

Today, health and obesity concerns are increasing gym memberships, nutrition awareness and pushing healthier lifestyles to the forefront of public opinion. In response, supermarkets are dedicating more floor space to fresher and healthier foods.

Fresh fruit, vegetables and meat are as rich in colour and vibrancy as they are in nutritional value. To tempt shoppers towards these items, retailers need specialist lighting enhance the colours and natural textures, ensuring a quick turnaround before they perish; customers also need to discern a product’s colour to feel satisfied with their purchasing decisions.

Colour technology for food lighting is a Nualight core competence, an area we research and invest heavily in.

Here are our five top tips for using light to create enticing fresh produce displays:


  1. Colour temperature
    Select a colour temperature to enhance the colours of the food you are displaying. For example, where the is a range from blueberries and bananas to oranges and strawberries, a neutral colour temperature from 2700K- 2500K could be used in conjunction with high CRI >85Ra solution. This would offer a good uniform natural ambience displaying warmer intense colours. Or another example, using a cooler colour temperature say, 5000K to make white fish appear brighter and will also emphasise the colour of the ice, whereas red fish such as salmon, prawns and langoustines would appear more saturated with a lower colour temperature <4000K.


  1. CRI above 85Ra
    Choosing a CRI above 85Ra will add sparkle and vibrancy and depth of colour to your displays.


  1. True white
    Selecting a true white LED fitting will showcase produce in the best light across a wide range of produce. Unlike traditional approaches to food lighting, Nualight’s VIVACE technology offers a true-white LED source with market leading colour vibrancy across the spectrum. More akin to natural day light, we like to call it “sunshine lighting” bringing out a deeper vibrancy in every colour.


  1. HDR
    We do it with television displays why not chose high definition for your produce displays. Technology has evolved, and we can now take advantage of the full colour spectrum. We have added a new level of dynamism to our Orion refrigeration range with HDR variants that offer a wider colour gamut, allowing you to really define those reds and whites in-store.


  1. Low glare and uniformity
    With more and more doors being added to refrigerators for energy saving, it is vital to limit glare and dark spots inside the case, allowing the products appeal to shine through. Selecting a high lumen output, with controlled optics will spread light evenly across the case.


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Does LED make sense for forecourts and convenience stores?

First impressions make all the difference

LED lighting can create the right first impression and save money for forecourts and convenience stores. Forecourts have become an important contributor to the UK retail landscape, now providing more than an essential one stop shop; customers are looking for a wide range of products from traditional fuel purchases to a varied shopping basket which can feed a family for a week. Forecourts and petrol stations are not just for motor vehicles, they are for people.

To meet consumer demand, forecourt owners are redesigning their stores with the modern shopper in mind. They are getting bigger and brighter, with products and services designed to get customers to spend more and stay longer.

Download our handy Application Lighting Guide – Forecourt LED Lighting here.

Alpha – The no compromise, robust yet affordable high bay

Energy bills across the globe have steadily climbed over the past few years and industrial lighting is intensive.

In fact, with the typical 24/7 hours of operation, simply changing your lighting from older technology to the latest LED technology will almost instantly reduce your bills. Sometimes the initial investment costs can be daunting, but this is no longer the case with Nualight’s new introduction to the market.

LED lighting pioneers Nualight, known for their advancements in the retail LED market have been working to bring the same benefits of LED to the industrial market. They have now extended their portfolio to include Alpha – an affordable and robust, IP65, IK08 protected LED high bay, that offers no compromises on quality and performance, across a variety of industrial applications.

Robust proven design
The Alpha range shares the same design essence and principles of the successful ARC 2 high bay range. The succinct range offers a choice of either aisle or wide optics, to ensure light is directed where it is needed, minimising glare implications.

Affordable quality
A competitive and focussed range, Alpha is designed specifically for the retrofit and end user market, for those who are looking to reap the benefits of LED savings without huge initial investment costs and without compromising on quality, lead times or proven design engineering.

Readily available
Nualight’s streamlined European supply chain and dedicated customer service ensure that you will receive your Alpha solution, quickly and efficiently even for those last-minute projects. For extra reassurance, Alpha is offered with a 5-year warranty as standard.

For further information on the Alpha range please click here

A partnership for perfect chilled displays

As a result of a recent retrofit project between SIREM installers and Nualight, Ipercoop – Italy’s largest supermarket chain, are now experiencing the benefits of LED refrigeration lighting first hand.

A member of Italy’s Coop Group, the Ipercoop Mondovì store’s chilled display cases were lit using horizontal T8 fluorescent lamps in a warm colour temperature. The result was dull and dreary displays. Consequently, lamps required frequent replacement, expending both time and resources.

With the aim of enhancing their chilled displays, Ipercoop turned to Nualight for an LED retrofit lighting solution. Working with SIREM installers, Orion from Nualight proved to be the perfect choice.

The final installation comprised a combination of canopy LED tubes and Nualight’s Orion Vertical 4000K, retrofitted into the chiller doors. Using almost half of the original number of luminaires, the new displays are brighter, and showcase produce with an increased vibrancy, enhancing packaging and creating a ‘pop’ of colour within the case.

Stefano Vidal, Nualight Sales Engineer describes, “We worked with both Ipercoop and SIREM to ensure we found the perfect solution for their cases, opting for a cooler colour temperature to help make the merchandise come to life. Orion delivers excellent CRI and an improved light quality.”

Lorenzo Ricci Ipermarket director, adds “Ipercoop are very pleased with the new installation. The depth of colour, contrast and richness within the chiller is much better. Customer can clearly see the products packaging and I have noticed a reduction in reflections in the gallery of the counters. This has been achieved very cost-effectively, we expect to see our return on investment in less than a year.”

The retrofitted chillers now consume 72% less lighting energy, saving 3.8 tonnes of carbon per year. Furthermore, they run longer and cooler than the original fluorescent T8 lamps, lowering operating costs and reducing the risk of food spoilage. Orion’s cool light source saves additional energy as the refrigeration unit does not need to compensate for any heat generated by the light.

Francesco Repetto SIREM installer, ends “We are very satisfied with the results obtained with the lighting systems from Nualight and with the attention shown to the customer’s needs. Orion has been easy to install thanks to the practical fixing system. Nualight will surely be our point of reference for future retrofit refrigerated counter projects.”

To read the full case study or for further information about Nualight’s refrigeration lighting solutions please visit: nualight.com

LED and glass doors equal higher energy savings and create visual impact for Auchan

Auchan, the second largest French food retailer in the world, has recently embarked on an energy initiative for all their hypermarkets throughout France.

The aim is to close all open vertical chillers in a bid to massively reduce energy wastage. Perfino LED refrigeration luminaires from Nualight add to the gained energy savings and help eradicate the dull displays typical of closed door cases.

Closing chiller displays is a bold step from the traditional and many supermarkets and hypermarkets have feared that the action will result in a drop in chilled sales. It is well known that the addition of doors can create dark spots across the face of the products on display.

Auchan saw their refrigeration refurbishment as an opportunity to install LED lighting to their vertical chillers. After extensive testing, trials and a competitive tender period they chose the Perfino range from Nualight to add sparkle and interest to their new low energy closed refrigerators. For the glass doors, they chose Schott who worked closely with Nualight to execute the roll-out.

Edwige Guillon, Schott, Sales Director Food Display comments, “Schott Termofrost is proud to integrate Perfino with their new insulated transparent doors. Consumers can now enjoy an enhanced presentation of the food, thanks to the total transparency of the doors and a nice illumination. Auchan have found the ideal solution for saving energy and magnifying their food presentation.”

After the high impact results of the first Auchan hypermarkets were witnessed, Nualight were awarded preferred supplier status allowing over 50 French hypermarkets to use the Perfino solution for their chiller and freezer cases. This equates to over 20km of LED in one year. With low energy costs and minimal maintenance, Auchan will see a return on their initial investment within 2 years.

Following the successful roll-out to over 50 hypermarkets, Auchan are now looking at their LED retrofit requirements across Europe where Nualight is the preferred supplier.

To read the full case study or for further information about Nualight’s refrigeration lighting solutions please visit: nualight.com

Does LED lighting make sense for warehouses?

There are many enticing incentives for switching your warehouse lighting to LED.

These range from promises of phenomenal energy and operational cost savings to government grants.

However, spaces where heavy machinery and people operate need to have safety measures in place to minimise health and safety risks, therefore does LED lighting make sense for warehouses?

Click here to download our LED_INDUSTRY_warehouse_lighting guide.

Refrigeration & Retail Design News Roundup May 2018

Welcome to May’s refrigeration and retail design news roundup.

This month customer experience is at the forefront of our thoughts and seems to be the differentiator between brick and mortar and online – do you think this is the next big focus for retail?

To access the paper click here. Please note that this link expires on 23rd June 2018, so stay tuned for the next one.

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