A partnership for perfect chilled displays

As a result of a recent retrofit project between SIREM installers and Nualight, Ipercoop – Italy’s largest supermarket chain, are now experiencing the benefits of LED refrigeration lighting first hand.

A member of Italy’s Coop Group, the Ipercoop Mondovì store’s chilled display cases were lit using horizontal T8 fluorescent lamps in a warm colour temperature. The result was dull and dreary displays. Consequently, lamps required frequent replacement, expending both time and resources.

With the aim of enhancing their chilled displays, Ipercoop turned to Nualight for an LED retrofit lighting solution. Working with SIREM installers, Orion from Nualight proved to be the perfect choice.

The final installation comprised a combination of canopy LED tubes and Nualight’s Orion Vertical 4000K, retrofitted into the chiller doors. Using almost half of the original number of luminaires, the new displays are brighter, and showcase produce with an increased vibrancy, enhancing packaging and creating a ‘pop’ of colour within the case.

Stefano Vidal, Nualight Sales Engineer describes, “We worked with both Ipercoop and SIREM to ensure we found the perfect solution for their cases, opting for a cooler colour temperature to help make the merchandise come to life. Orion delivers excellent CRI and an improved light quality.”

Lorenzo Ricci Ipermarket director, adds “Ipercoop are very pleased with the new installation. The depth of colour, contrast and richness within the chiller is much better. Customer can clearly see the products packaging and I have noticed a reduction in reflections in the gallery of the counters. This has been achieved very cost-effectively, we expect to see our return on investment in less than a year.”

The retrofitted chillers now consume 72% less lighting energy, saving 3.8 tonnes of carbon per year. Furthermore, they run longer and cooler than the original fluorescent T8 lamps, lowering operating costs and reducing the risk of food spoilage. Orion’s cool light source saves additional energy as the refrigeration unit does not need to compensate for any heat generated by the light.

Francesco Repetto SIREM installer, ends “We are very satisfied with the results obtained with the lighting systems from Nualight and with the attention shown to the customer’s needs. Orion has been easy to install thanks to the practical fixing system. Nualight will surely be our point of reference for future retrofit refrigerated counter projects.”

To read the full case study or for further information about Nualight’s refrigeration lighting solutions please visit: nualight.com