Nualight launch Red-Tone (RT) Variants of Orion

Additions to the Orion range of LED refrigeration lighting, from Nualight, bring new depths to refrigerated meat displays.

You’re in the supermarket. Have you ever considered what attracts you to a piece of fresh meat? There are key factors at play. Unlike fruit and vegetable shopping, where you can touch, feel and smell, fresh meat shopping relies on the visual cues we receive from the produce.

Instinctively we look to see how pigmented, flush and red the meat is. This information tells us how healthy and safe the food would be to consume. In the right light, we can assess how fresh the produce is and the time before it spoils.

Retailers must display these time sensitive products under the correct lighting to communicate the freshness of the meat to enable customers to make the right purchase decisions to achieve a quick timely sale.

Best light for customer choices

To help retailers and display case manufacturers provide the best lighting conditions, Nualight have now added Red-Tone (RT) variants to their industry leading Orion range of LED refrigeration lighting. Orion Red -Tone (RT) solutions are specially formulated to enhance fresh meat display cases, picking up and strengthening the natural reds found in the products.

Furthermore, the Orion range contains no UV and IR and does not generate excess heat. This ensures packaging will not fade or create a barrier to the communication of important information. Orion, covers a wider colour spectrum than traditional fluorescents and provides an environment where the true colours of the meat are reflected enabling customers to analyse this valuable information.

Combine these benefits with the high performance features of the existing range, including industry leading efficacies, 50K hour life times and fast delivery times for stocked products, retailers and manufacturers alike are offered a win/win solution.

To find out how Orion Red- Tone can transform your refrigerated meat display cases visit:

The refrigeration lighting team is growing at Nualight

Nualight further demonstrate their commitment to the refrigeration lighting market with new recruit for the UK Market.

Pioneers of LED in the retail display case environment, Nualight, have just announced a new addition to their commercial refrigeration lighting team, Simon Needham.

Bringing with him a several years’ experience of working in the commercial refrigeration and lighting industry, Simon will predominately be looking after the UK OEMs, Installers and Retailers. Prior to joining Nualight he has worked for Advance International as Refrigeration Sales Manager and has also held previous positions at Epta Group and Alan Nuttal Ltd.

Simon details his reasons for joining Nualight as, “I came to work for Nualight looking for some exciting new challenges in the market. I look forward to working with the innovative ranges, people and a brand such as Nualight.”

Mark Stratford, Head of Commercial Refrigeration Programmes at Nualight said, “Refrigeration lighting is a key growth area for us, so Simon will be a valuable asset to the team. We are pleased to welcome him on board and wish him well in his new role.”