Thank you for visiting us at Retail & Food Energy 2017

The Nualight team would like to take the opportunity to thank all our customers and business partners for visiting us at this year’s Retail & Food Energy Forum, on the 18th May 2017. We hope that you had a good time and enjoyed your visit.
The Retail & Food Energy event is a dedicated forum to energy efficiency in retail for energy managers and everyone concerned with energy in retail, in Italy.  The day consisted of a variety of sessions including roundtables, talks and discussions providing a real platform for networking and sharing innovations within the industry.

We certainly enjoyed many inspiring conversations and greatly appreciate your interest in our latest innovative products.
This year we showcased Orion, our LED solution for refrigerated display cases. Orion boasts the latest standards in LED technology – 3SDCM LED chips, delivering industry leading lumens per watt output, significantly reducing energy bills. Other benefits include superior colour rendering, resulting in enhanced vibrant product displays.  The convenience of stocked products furthers the appeal, enabling faster worldwide delivery times.

We have been offering LED refrigeration lighting to grocery retailers worldwide. With our belief of delivering ‘True Brilliance’, we strive to give you the best lighting support, while reducing your carbon footprint and eliminating waste.

In case you didn’t get time to talk to us while you were there, or you missed the event and are interested in energy saving lighting in retail then please contact us at or visit our website at: for further information.