How can Nualight help to make our customers life a little bit easier?

As the end of the calendar year approaches and before we all start to get merry, we reflect on our key successes, but we ask what do you really get when you buy a Nualight solution?

We like to think that great systems, processes and protocols go a long way to make our lives easier but really, it’s the people that deliver. We asked two of our colleagues what they think Nualight does to help make our customers life a little bit easier?

Caroline Frawley, Customer Services, “We keep our customers up to date with weekly calls to ensure that their optimal customer services levels are achieved – building strong business relationships along the way. Our reporting tools allow us to support with forecasting and to maintain our performances and SLA’s. Working across many departments, we ensure customer expectation is always a top priority and we strive to meet demanding requirements in terms of responsiveness, lead time and quality products”

Dan Lemajic, VAR Network Manager, “The fundamental philosophy for the sales team is to grow our business, by helping our customers grow their business. This can only be done by understanding every business is individual and listening to the needs before reacting. We work with our customers to develop our own internal processes that support, rather than hinder; creating true partnerships.”

Communications and partnerships are the cornerstones of our service strategy going forward. We will continue to support with fast lead times, stocked products and performance launches, helping customers to grow their businesses.

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