Looking forward to an exciting 2018 

2017 saw Nualight reaffirm its position as a pioneer of the LED lighting industry.

Highlights of the year include helping clients such as international supermarket chain, Pennymarkt, with their chilled display cases (full case study here) and Combilift with their new 46,000 sq. metre, state of the art production site (see video here). Both brands, at the forefront of their industries, demand the same level of performance from their lighting scheme, as they do in their own business’.

CEO, Peter Mazalon, comments on the past year and what the future holds:

At Nualight, we continue to realise our vision by providing our customers with market leading portfolios that enhance the user experience.  2017 has been a wonderful year where Nualight solutions have helped customers and distributors to create their own efficient and inspiring places.

We have maintained relationships with world leading food retail brands, supporting them as they update and roll out new store concepts. Our solutions ensure their objectives, no matter where they are, be it Europe, Australia or the USA, are achieved with a focus on colour and vibrancy.

The start for the year saw the introduction of new and improved  robust, high performance industrial solutions that achieve excellent ROI, creating safe and comfortable spaces like Handyside car park in London and the Total Produce production facilities.

Looking forward, 2018 promises to be a very exciting year for Nualight, with many projects in the pipeline to cement our position in our two distinct LED lighting business units – refrigerated display case and industrial lighting.

With food retailers and commercial refrigeration case manufacturers in mind, we intend to refine our comprehensive refrigerated display case lighting portfolio.

For the industrial sector, 2018 will see more product innovations, with new ranges on the horizon, ensuring customers always have access to the latest technology and design.

We look forward to optimising our current portfolios and applying them to new and exciting projects.

For further information on Nualight LED Lighting solutions or to find out how we can help you on your new build or refurbishment project, contact us on cservice@nualight.com.