Spot the Difference with Perfino

Spot the Difference with Nualight’s new Perfino solution for supermarket refrigeration – a ground-breaking new LED optical technology that eliminates visible LED hot dots and reflective glare from packaging.

Supermarket refrigeration lighting was one of the first major commercial applications for LED technology. From as early as 2005, major global grocery chains such as Walmart in North America and Tesco in Europe carried out widespread fluorescent replacement programmes.

However “spottiness” has been an industry issue from the outset, holding some retailers back from making the switch to LED in supermarket displays despite energy savings of 70% or more. The reason? LEDs are a highly visible light source, creating “hot spots” and reflective glare on packaging, which some retailers believe is visually disturbing for shoppers.

Back in 2011, Nualight solved the problem in horizontal canopy lighting applications with its first generation Perfino technology. However it is very difficult technically to achieve the same “smoothness” in vertical applications, and so it has taken longer to bring out the second generation of Perfino.

Today however, Nualight is announcing a complete Perfino solution for both horizontal (canopy, shelf, serve-over) and vertical (cooler and freezer door) applications. This means no more visible hot dots behind door mullions or in island cases, and no more reflective glare from plastic or shiny packaging.

All Perfino 2700K, 3000K and 4000K products also have Vivace super-premium colour technology as standard. With Vivace, Nualight promises the highest average Ra value across the entire R1-R14 colour spectrum, meaning that all colours have superb vibrancy. Vivace is not an enhanced colour technology, meaning that all colours are “honest” and as nature intended.

Perfino products also feature a plug & play connection system for very fast installation times.

The full Perfino product family is launched in Europe and available through the Nualight network of sales offices and partners.

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